2006-01-17 09:28:36 ET

James ordered something off of ebay from Russia. i found it very amusing when i got it in the mail today wrapped in this:

2006-01-17 09:55:19 ET

they have cloverleaf expressways!?

amd ikea in russia!?

wait... my pins came in the mail, WOO HOO!!

2006-01-17 10:07:52 ET

Sweet, Russian Ikea!

I didn't think they could afford that kind of stuff.

2006-01-17 11:52:32 ET

ya i thought it was funny too. like i didnt know they were that up with the times. i used it to prove to my dad that other countries have it just as good as the US. yes james they came today!

2006-01-17 21:14:40 ET

mmm ikea

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