2006-03-14 11:04:01 ET

I came home from Florida a day early coz i was tired of sleeping in people's livingrooms and i wanted to take a shower in my own bathroom. im a whiny little baby i know.. anyway. i bring gifts of photos.

Little Miss Summer Marie (4 Months old)

April trying to take care of two babies

Jacob (15 Months Old), look at that smile

2006-03-17 15:20:31 ET

aww faith theyre so cute... two thumbs up to April because it's hard to take care of two babys at the same time, ive done it, its hard work sometimes. you know like when one cries the other cries when one wakes up the other wakes up. or one baby cries and you get him to stop but the other starts, they seem to play games like that sometimes, its crazy.

2006-03-22 11:21:03 ET

ya, theyre only 15 months apart. she had the boy so she could go to school for free, being unmarried with a baby. but then she accidentally had the new lil girl, and its sad coz now that she has two she doesnt even have time to go to school now.

but they are beautiful babies.

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