Long time, no see :-)    2006-02-11 09:32:50 ET
I'm well moved from Hammerfest and Trondheim is turning out to be everything I remembered it to be and hoped it would be!
I have gotten myself a boyfriend even. ;)
We met on the internett medio august, and talked all the way ' till I got here desember second, and since then we dated exclusively and made it official tuesday night this week. :D
I even met his mother today. ;)
I'm so happy, and lucky, he is everything I want and need. He makes me blush just by looking at me, I giggle everytome he sends me an sms, and he cuddles like nobodys business!
I'll try to put a picture under files, if I remember how to do it. ;)
Hope everybody's ok in here. :)

*happily grinning all the time*

Edit: Done, picture under new gallery :D

 SNOW!    2005-10-23 11:10:39 ET
I live in the fucking northpole, at least it seems like it. It has snowed like 30 cm since thursday and I had to go shovel it today, IN OCTOBER! Bah. Thank God I'm moving from here in a little more than a month.

On the pluss-side, I gor me a laptop, for free :D
Compaq nc6000, I love it.

 Hnngghhh    2005-09-27 07:59:58 ET
I'm so stressed out.. What if I don't get a job by the time I'm moving ?? What if I can't get an apartement because of my beloved dog ?? What if moving all my stuff costs more than I can afford ?? OMG.
Breathe in, breathe out.. Good things happens to good people, someone once said.. I hope it's true and I hope I'm good people..


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