I just had to..    2005-01-28 08:46:37 ET
Ten people i enjoy the company of:
1. Heidi
2. Stefan aka NightShade :)
3. Nabohanne
4. Marit
5. Thale
6. Christine
7. Jorunn
8. My mum
9. My dad
10. My brother

Nine people I miss more than anything:
1. My mum
2. My dad
3. My brother
4. Heidi
5. Nabohanne
6. Marit
7. Christine
8. Thale
9. Jorunn
10. Stefan aka NightShade :)

Eight things im wearing:
1. Turquise, woolen sweater
2. Black, pinstriped pants
3. A neclase
4. Two silver bracelets
5. A black, thin sweater
6. Black Snoopy socks
7. Black underpants
8. Black bra
9. Makeup
10. Doghair :D

Seven things on my mind:
1. sex
2. Red wine
3. My dog
4. I'm freezing!
5. Kelis - Trick me
6. sex
7. When does the bus go to town ?

Six items i touch everyday:
1. Dog
2. Water
3. Cellphone
4. Housephone
5. The remotecontroll to the tv
6. My computer

Five things i do everyday:
1. Walk my dog
2. Go to work (exept on weekends)
3. Shower
4. Eat
5. Read

Four things i want to do before i die:
1. Go to Egypt
2. Get married
3. Have children
4. Travel!

Three things I think of when i wake up:
1. Gawd, I'm tired..
2. I have to let out the dog!
3. Turn of that goddamn alarm!

Two of my favortie foods:
1. My mums homemade pizza! :)
2. Pasta *drool*

One person i love:
1. Ehh, I can't name only one, I'm sorry :)

 Yeah, my dog can dance :D    2005-01-27 11:36:32 ET
I was just fiddeling with my mp3's and put on the song "Trick me" with Kelis, and I started dancing on my livingroomfloor, and my dog came all exited to me, sat on his hindlegs and gave me his frontpaws and danced with me :DDD
He did this several times, so cool! :DD

Talk about partytrick :D

Now Prodigy is pumping from my speakers, not very samrt considering I'm about to go to bed soon.. but Diesel Power is so f'ing RAW! And Breathe, and Firestarter, and Smack my bitch up, and Voodoo people, and Their law..and, and, and, I could go on and on! :)

Anybody here heard of Bel Canto ? I have the most beautiful song by them, "You rock my world" Powerful, man..

*hugs* :)

 Funny link :D    2005-01-27 11:12:14 ET

This guy is hillarious, too bad http://www.emotioneric.com is down atm, but when it gets back up, you HAVE to check it out :D
I will try to keep an eye open for when it's up again, and post it here :)
But for now, check out the first link, it's great :D

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