Two pretty pictures (if I can get it in my posting)    2005-01-06 12:42:58 ET
Aaaand this is my last night alone! My sweet, beautiful doggie comes tomorrow evening! God, I'm so exited :))
Gotta figure out this picturething soon, I want to be able to share my pictures of him with you when he gets here :))

(damn, didn't get the pictures here, anybody who can help are welcome too make suggestions!)

     2004-12-31 08:44:32 ET
Happy new year, everybody :)

*big hug*


 So..we meet again, old enemy of mine..    2004-12-21 10:41:04 ET
I simply hate packing my suitcase. It just won't do what I tell it to do, like fold all my clothes and pack them neatly on it's own!
So I put it in a corner to think about things and be ashamed, and I took this test :]

How Dumb Are You?
<small>A Rum and Monkey stupidity.</small>

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