Hah    2004-11-10 00:44:44 ET
So much for my day of not wanting to do anything, now I can't do anything! Sunday night around 3am, I woke up with just a little bit fever and felt bad, so I called in sick around 7am.
As the day went by, I just got worse, my fever kept rising, even after I took pills to make it go down! Around that time, I started to feel like I had been hit by a truck, and longed for my bed back at my parents house.. Warm house, someone to take care of me when I'm as ill as this..

Anyway, when Tuesday came, I still had a fever and my throat felt like someone had raped it with a burning, spiked stick. So I went to the doctor, she made me take all kinds of pills and gave me sickleave(?) (what the h*** is the english word for when the doctor says you are to sick to work, and gives you a paper to give to your boss, so the boss still gives you money for the days you are gone from work?!)'till November 17th. I have (Hm, I see now that my vocabulary has evolved from reading fantasy and sci-fi, and those books doesn't include medical terms or workrelated words:)) well, an inflammation in the throat wich have to be treated with antibiotics(not so sure about the spelling here). Whee, a friend on IRC says "Tonsillitis" is the word I'm looking for :) So now you know, I'm ill, feel like a trainwreck :]
Gotta admit though, that I'm already feeling a little better, I think the penicilin is starting to kick in, I have changed my bedlinnen, done some laundry.. and now I'm going to shove som yoghurt down my throat.

Have a nice day, all.


 Sunday, bloody sunday    2004-11-07 03:38:33 ET
Pun intended in the title :) (Sorry, couldn't help myself)
Another sunday, another day for getting bored out of my scull. Of course, there is a lot of things I COULD do, like getting some work done (I have reasently gotten promoted, due to the person above me is getting an extended maternity-leave from work) I could organize my desks and some papers that seems to be floating all over the livingroom. I could fold some clothes and put on another machine. I could stop being envious of Nightshade who spent last night with some good, cool friends of us, drinking home-made beer and watched "10th Kingdom" on dvd, I couldn't be there due to the fact that I now live about 1555 Km from Trondheim :-)
I'll tell you what I'm going to do: I'm going to go out on my veranda, smoke a cigarette or two, come back in again and watch TV 'till it is time to go outside to smoke again!
Btw, I saw SW-Phantom Menace again last night, and I STILL get goosebumps when Darth Maul and the two Jedi's fight. *shiver*
Darth Maul is the coolest Sith, ever :)

- Hugs and kisses from Athyra
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 What have I done ?!    2004-11-01 07:29:02 ET
I can't help thinking this as darkness is slowly setting over this part of Norway for two months straight.. November and Desember here is daaaark, night 24-7, well, there is two hours of twilight every day 'till the sun comes back in January.
Today have been a nasty day. My day began at 0600AM, was at work 07:00AM, had to work overtime, the skies was dark with the promise of a storm, so I hibernated on the couch for over an hour, felt like bad hangover to wake up again :)
Well, gotta deal with this darkness, after all, I chose to move here myself :) An the job is really great, I have a nice, big apartement, maybe I'm getting a puppy soon.. And I'm also kinda happy I'm nowhere near where my parents live right now.. familytrouble..Can't deal with it..More than enough that mom calls me and cries..
I love them so much, that's why it kills me to feel how they are torn apart..*hand on ears and screaming LALALALALALALALALA*
Hear no evil, see no evil..

- Hugs from Athyra

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