What'd you want me to say?    2004-03-13 20:43:54 ET
Tonight was a good night. I got to see a friend that I haven't seen in over 3 years. I was a little depressed though, I had nothing to say. It was very awkward, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that he lied everytime he promised he was coming back. Made me go somewhere to meet him but never showed. Sorry man, whatcha want me to say? Glad to have you back even though you went through once without a word? Damnit, I missed seein him but seein him just pissed me the fuck off.

I'm in such an evil place right now. Nothing feels okay. I want to die. The only thing that could possibly make me happy right now is nowhere to be found. I just wanna look at her, even for a short while.
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 Fool    2004-03-12 20:38:07 ET
I've been played a fool, not by anyone else but myself... I managed to convince myself I felt nothing anymore. Cruel twist of fate, I found out otherwise, damn women bursting my bubble all the time. I'm ready to cry.

And my night has not helped, getting stranded in the rain by yourself is not cool.

     2004-03-12 14:03:20 ET
Oh I forgot to add double standards fucking suck. And girls irritate me sometimes, a lot, yea.

 Doh!    2004-03-12 14:01:29 ET
Gah, it just keeps happening. Will this reign of bad luck never end????

 Wierd shit...    2004-03-11 21:18:25 ET
Okay my friend's prediction is coming true... Strange shit honestly. It's wierd and hurting my head.

I'm going to bed, don't let the flesh eating demon zombie crack babies bite.

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