2004-01-13 19:46:46 ET
Damn this technological piece of shit straight to hell this is the third time it's kicked me off the net. Oh well. Ever have one of those days and the first thing you read in the paper happens to be a friends od? God damn when is this shit gonna end this is my third friend since graduation thats either killed themselves or died from an od. Even after that I get a letter sayin that night school starts tonight yay what a way to end the fuckin day and I have nothing to smoke arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg. And for all you school kiddies pass you fuckin classes or you'll end up like me in a horrid night school class. Shit I need to start sleeping again...

     2004-01-13 09:21:10 ET
Wonderful, I'm home again after a night long party at my buddys' appartment. I'm just goin about my usual routine after a party then I decide to get on the net and lo and behold a nice little email saying I got to join SK. My friend Tino was the one who showed me this site pretty cool one so I decided to give it a shot so here I am gettin ready for a much needed nap. But before that I should probably finish up my runic tatts...

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