Damn Montana    2004-01-14 18:47:56 ET
Man I am so tired of living in the woods not only is it like 20 degrees colder than it is in town its 20 degrees colder in my house. making it a whopping 40 degrees in this room with no heating cuz the furnace is broken. Oh well atleast now I can slink around the house with my black face mask on and scare the shit outta my family

     2004-01-14 17:32:28 ET
Advanced Big Five Personality Test Results
Sociability |||||| 26%
Gregariousness |||||||||||| 46%
Assertiveness |||||||||||||| 58%
Activity Level |||||||||||||||| 66%
Excitement-Seeking |||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Cheerfulness |||||||||| 38%
Extroversion |||||||||||||| 53%
Trust |||||| 22%
Morality |||||||||| 38%
Altruism |||||||||||| 46%
Cooperation |||||||||| 38%
Modesty |||||||||||||| 54%
Sympathy |||||||||||| 46%
Friendliness |||||||||| 40%
Self-Efficacy |||||||||||||| 58%
Neatness |||||| 22%
Dutifulness |||||||||| 34%
Achievement |||||||||||| 50%
Self-Discipline |||||||||| 38%
Cautiousness |||||||||| 34%
Orderliness |||||||||| 39%
Anxiety |||||||||||| 42%
Anger |||||||||||||||| 62%
Depression |||||||||||||| 58%
Self-Consciousness |||||||||||| 46%
Immoderation |||||||||||||||| 62%
Vulnerability |||||||||||| 46%
Emotional Stability |||||||||||| 48%
Imagination |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Artistic Interests |||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Emotionality |||||||||||||| 54%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Intellect |||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Liberalism |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Openmindedness |||||||||||||||||| 72%
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 Thats what you get fucker    2004-01-14 17:11:56 ET
Hmmm while I didn't try to kill anybody with a spork today I did however lay out my dumbass manager :D I got to work this morning and he was talking about my friends death and making fun of her cuz it was a drud od. Well that just irritated me and then one of my coworkers was like how would that make you feel if it was suicide? His last comment was good we don't need depressed pieces of shit like that in the world anyways. Well my friends that was the snapping point and I just said hey Steve you stupid mother fucker turn around! And as he did that I grabbed his shoulders and put a knee in his stomach. And his last comment to me was what the hell? I then continued to connect with a right and he just layed on the floor and spit out three of his teeth. what a wonderful day eh? But the best part of the ordeal was my other manager Kasie was like "I've been wanting to do that to the little perv for the past 2 years!" and thats all the talking I got out of it... Still waiting to hear if I'm going to get suspended from work or not but if I do I'd say it was well worth it :D But on the upside I got tipped like 5 bucks and actually got to eat today also I got my first cigg in like 3 days it was wonderful

     2004-01-14 06:51:18 ET
Yay it's time again for 9 hours of nothing but work. God damnit it wouldn't be so bad if they let me keep my fingernails painted or if i got to wear some of my jewelry but noooooooo. Corporations are bad things to work at. But for now I get to take off my red polish take off my choker and my spikes and comb my hair er maybe not that but everything else. Now it's time to wonder if you are going to kill someone for asking how much a 99 cent fry is I swear Missoula is populated by the dumbest people on the face of the earth... Hey atleast some of my coworkers will have some bud and get me blazed before work :D one can only hope. Have fun all and hope I don't get thrown in jail for trying to stab someone with a plastic spork!

 Technology is not friendly to me    2004-01-13 21:16:05 ET
Once again my laziness has been my undoing. I go to make some chili and I didn't put anything over it and half of it went allover the microwave ugh just more work and undid my laziness and made me do something.

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