2004-01-19 12:42:32 ET
I think I've quite literally lost my mind this time. I'm not sure what the deal is but I feel very lost and disoriented. This was my 11th time doing mushrooms last night. And after the fact I feel empty like theres nothing left in me to give to anything. Just writing this is quite a task. These ones were very very potent I wonder...

     2004-01-18 06:50:10 ET
Day seven of work this will be my seventh day of straight work this shit needs to end right fucking now! My feet hurt from standing like up to 10 hours a day. Someone kill my manager please. And well I hafta show up to work in like 40 minutes but my bro is in the shower and wont get out he take 30 min to take a shower. Looks like today is going to be one of those days. But hey maybe I'll have better luck with girls today. It always seems that the worse the morning the better the day I have as vise versa. I hope so because I really would like a girl to hang out with instead of my best friends girlfriend. Shes cool an all but just not the same.

 lalalalalala    2004-01-17 22:03:39 ET
God I wish I had something to do Saturday night and I have to go to work in 6 fuckin hours and I don't think I'm gonna sleep entertainment must come!!!

It also seems that 1:30 am mountain time is a bad time for convo.

 What a great saturday... fuck    2004-01-17 21:46:53 ET
Well today sucked ass got up and found out I had to work 10.5 hours today and people happened to be dumber than usual. DO NOT fuck with the person making your food it will end up bad. Okay after work shoulda been cool but noooooo nobody was around had to jumpstart my friends car. Then gave up 20 dollars to get some mush lost that, I don't give money away what the fuck was I thinking? So about 3 hours later get a call saying theyre not here and that we got jacked... theyre gonna die next time I see them stupid addicts. Then as I was coming home I learned an important lesson:
If you see more than one of the same person don't drive.
A bunch of piss ass drunk teenagers rolled their mommies' brand new Yukon that kinda made me laugh but one girl was really hurt. Unfortunately I was the only one sober enough to call the goddamn cops all the while thinking oh fuck I have parafanalia (s/p?). But as I'm turning away drunk girl drives off in another car that showed up... I hope shes okay, took the driver and the other two that stayed ,outta seven, to some dudes house nearby and bailed. Wow what a great way to end a perfect day...

 This sucks    2004-01-17 07:02:05 ET
Okay last night was cool I still couldn't sleep so I snuck out to go party with my friends that was a fuckin blast no quams there... Hell even when I came home my parents were still asleep. But as I was getting ready to leave the party I asked some girl to go see a movie and once again another girl laughs at me what the fuck thats a nice rejection especially when it happens twice in a fuckin row! Could someone please tell me what I'm doin wrong and why I keep getting laugh at... This shit is really starting to depress me. arrrrg I hate being single right now I just want somebody to hold...

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