Its Fucking official my family is Fucked up    2004-01-20 09:11:46 ET
Okay so my mom doesn't remember the fight because she was beligerently drunk last night. Fuckin A so I'm getting ready to leave this morning and she walks down wondering who's up at 5 am and asks what the hell I'm doin up at that time with my bags packed... Well then the yelling commenced again except I got to do it this time. She just said sorry I was drunk last night. But now brings my next question when the fuck did she start drinking?!?!?! fuck my family is hard to live with

     2004-01-19 20:46:02 ET
well it seems im not welcome at my house for the moment being. im not sure when ill be back here. how depressing

 few questions    2004-01-19 19:31:41 ET
First do any of you know where to get free spyware detection/deletion programs? Second does anybody know the concept of being a technomancer?

 Damn...    2004-01-19 16:03:53 ET
Man I really don't like being with my family they make me feel like shit. I am soooo bored right now it's not even funny I mean this is probably the longest time I've spent on the computer in a reeeeaaaaaalllyyy long time. But on the other hand this time has made me realize that I really want a girlfriend because most of my family has their g/fs bfs and fiances with them right now and I'm on of 3 people that doesn't have any of the three... I think when I get home I'm gonna play in a bucket of bleach or even go play in traffic

     2004-01-19 15:18:09 ET
Well now I just found out that I'm a horrible person. I didn't want to go to my moms bday party because I feel like shit and I'm on the verge of losing everything in my stomach and I told her this and that I felt like shit. Well she just fuckin freaked out on me saying that I don't enjoy spending time with her and asked if I was coming and if so if I was goin to make it miserable for her. God damn and my parents wonder why I don't EVER go anywhere with them. Fuckin hell what is with grown women they are the most pissy easy to offend. FUCK FUCK FUCK this shit and fuck them I want to kill them

Update from 5 min ago:
Great now they're talking about every girl I ever dated. It's nice to know your family does the best job of picking you apart. I don't understand these people and what the fuck did I do to deserve the black sheep title???

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