2004-01-23 07:39:16 ET
Damn I just realized I have no idea what day it is. I think I have to go to work. Shit I still need to find my left earing. good luck to all of ya have a good ummm whatever day it is

 i hate life sometimes    2004-01-23 07:06:19 ET
Okay is it possible to wake up in some demented alternate reality? Because if its not me and my buddy are pretty well fucked. My buddy hit a crazy russian gang member the other day not goin well for him at all. Me I managed to make best friends with a drug-running violent convict at work and guess what he has a job. I need the money but what the hell am I going to be getting myself into if I say I'll work for him? Ah fuck this can't be happening. This shit only happens in the movies... maybe I'm freakin out maybe i have good cause to but either way it's really scary.

     2004-01-21 21:48:18 ET
Tonight was a great night. It was just me, lee, james and jesse, all the old crew. It started out just going over there after I woke up at 2 as usual there were only lee and james there. We all decided that we needed a buddy night and needed to get sloshed. Coupla bottles later jesse came over and got drunk so we decided to rent Underworld which was a pretty cool movie. Lee even took a day off from his "business" which was badass so there were no random people showing up except for mark who is considered one of us :) board games and jenga is a great way to kill an evening of being hammered. hope all of ya had a great night too

 Food for thought    2004-01-21 09:09:07 ET
Okay the first step in this, imagine your computer. How does it work? Maybe you have an idea but how do you put it together? Even the little computer chips do you know that and how to compress the data without the aid of some sort of computer? Next my question. Is there a written record anywhere of how to do this shit? To my knowledge only big corporations know how to do this and there is no written record about it. And how about everything that has happened in the computer age. Is there a hard carbon copy of all the info that has been learned over the past few decades? It kind of makes you wonder if we were to lose all of this information in a single night would many of us survive? All I can think is the apocalypse in a way that was not imagined by the bible. And theres your random end of the world thought from me today.

     2004-01-21 08:54:57 ET
Well I finally got the only two children I will probably EVER own my happy fetuses... Boredom and the internet is not always a good thing sheesh. Anyways my weekend was wierd all with my mom and all and one of my buddies got jumped last night. Its a good thing he decided to arm himself after he went into selling. While he did escape mostly intact, a black eye is all, he got cash stolen and lost his knife in the process... wierdos

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