2004-01-26 07:45:21 ET

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?

interesting even an internet test called me this... well that kind of takes care of the mystery of why i couldn't find a girl in school that wasn't afraid of me... hmmmm bastards

     2004-01-26 07:16:24 ET
Can anyone justify there really is evil?

If God exists in a christian form you could sort of argue that. But then you have to think in this religion who is truly the father of evil. Well duh, its satan right? No who created satan. No it wasn't himself it was God the creator of everything. That would make satan a child of God and no less guilty than he himself. Now since we are all inferior to either of these beings that must mean we are the children of both. Inheriting satans wickedness that god created and willed to be. Thus making evil an obsolete sin because lets face it if god does it it must be okay.

Now for a more human view. If god does not exist then there is no absolute good or evil to be judged from. Then evil is in the eye of the beholder. But then human nature is basically evil with a few good intentions.

I'm still not done I just forgot some of it... Talk to me maybe I'll remember

     2004-01-24 22:03:58 ET
fuck it just got worse. I'm ready to give up I fucking quit I'll be in the corner if anybody needs me...

     2004-01-24 21:51:42 ET
I really didn't think it could get any wierder...

 Bad people and little kids    2004-01-23 22:01:50 ET
Sweet! I'm going to hell. Damn little kids.

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