2004-01-29 19:15:42 ET
Technology is really easy to fuck up... Damn computer fucked up and now I lost all of my shit...

 Dreams    2004-01-28 08:18:27 ET
It's rather odd that I have a lot of dreams. But the only problem is that 98 percent of the time they are horrid, vivid nightmares which all include me dying in some painful way. Not last night shit I had a wonderful dream. And since id say about 85 percent of my good dreams happen in some form or another, but all the same details, heh heh. Damn I hope this one happens. and a message from the bloodhound gang HOORAY FOR BOOBIES!

 Interesting    2004-01-27 22:33:56 ET
Who would have known I would start to like her?

     2004-01-26 20:07:21 ET
Damn it's time for that one form of conciousness that I absolutely loathe. Unconciousness. The one state I feel I am vulnerable at, it actually scares me because I can't control it. And besides I'd rather be doing something constructive to further myself with. Oh well atleast when I get up at 5 fuckin am for work I wont be totally shot. Goodnight one and all

     2004-01-26 19:09:36 ET
God I love making people sick with wierd ass stories

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