Why does this continue to happen?    2004-02-03 20:16:50 ET
My damn computer crashed again deleting EVERYTHING this time... this is such a waste of time...

     2004-02-02 20:06:48 ET
I wonder at which point a pleasure becomes an addiction.

     2004-02-02 07:05:06 ET
my computer is stupid... i mean i have never had a computer that tells me its going to crash a minute before it does. technology is wierd

     2004-02-01 23:15:47 ET
The human mind is under equipped to understand the human mind but it is all that I have to work with.


 Of course...    2004-02-01 22:31:18 ET
It's certainly a beautiful night out. It's wonderfully clear and the moon is shining off of the snow. I wish that every night could be like this...
But of course something bad had to happen. I was going home and I got in a race with some fool in a taurus. Well we blew by a cop doing about 80 in a 45. And well he followed me, I took him for a huge tour of the town before losing him about 10 minutes later in some god awful residential area. By that time I had absolutely no gas left and I was thinking great thats a good place to get caught at. At about 12 am I got to the station and start to pump. Halfway done I'm think yessss no piggies rolled by and of course the same fucking cop rolls by and recognizes my car. He pulls up and goes through the usual procedure until he read my liscence... Of course recognizes the last name and asks if I'm so and so's son I'm like yep you work with him. Tells me he's sorry to bother me and leaves me with my card in my hand going what the fuck just happened. Okay it's all good I decide, so I finish up and go into the station to pay. Well the lady in there is sooooo wigged out on something that the first thing she says to me is "Hi are you waiting for the change for that 100?" Well what the hell, why not, "yes I am" gives me sixty dollars gives me a pack of ciggarettes and munchies and cashes out the reg and tells me to have a good night... I just got paid to get gas and ciggs doesn't get any better than tonight. I also had shrooms it was intense if you even care, ask. Night all

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