Had to get my mind off shit    2004-02-06 11:09:59 ET

Whoa! You are a psycho! You are like a clown with a
maniacal laughter who wields a knife or any
other sharp weapon. You would be haunting kids'
dreams. You are the type that may enjoy to
frighten people and laugh at it. You probably
go a little past frighten--especially toward
animals. If you enjoy watching animals suffer,
that's already a bad sign. The thing about you
is that you know you're insane, but you like
it. Anyway, Happy Crazy, Twisted-Up, Halloween,
you Freaky Clown. Don't hurt anyone or

What Halloween Figure Are You?
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sweet sweettooth

 I was praying...    2004-02-06 09:59:46 ET
Things just took a HUGE turn for the worse for Joe. I just got a call from him:

Joe: Hi is Matt there?
Me: Yea, whatsup Joe?
Joe: I just had a vision.
Me: really? About what?
Joe: It was of God...
Me: Joe you do realize that God only talks to the Messiah and prophets correct?
Joe: I know
Me: Which are you?
Joe: I'm not a prophet.
Me: Are you the Messiah then?
Joe: I've seen the signs *click
Me: Joe?! Are you there man? Fuck...

Great this is just Great. I think I fucked that one completely up. I don't think I did a damn thing to convince him.

 NOW I'm worried.    2004-02-06 09:27:04 ET
Okay I was starting to get worried about one of my friends to begin with because he has been acting pretty fucking wierd as of late. He has become the most paranoid delusional person I have ever met! Every time he sees something it is never a coincidence anymore. A PT cruiser followed us up to folf course where we were going to get high... Well he started freaking out telling me to turn around right now because they were coming for me! not him me! Okay that was wierd enough especially since I got dragged into one of his delusions (I have enough of my own i don't need the help). The other night we all got invited to a party. Well I said I'd stay at the appartment to keep the shroomers company because lets face it parties are a horrible thing for people on mushrooms to go to. Well wouldn't you know it one of the shroomers happened to be Joe... I practically begged him to stay because I knew it might throw him over. But to no avail he still decided to go. I made the decision that I wasn't gonna leave his side because this was his first time on these and he was going to a party. About 10 minutes into the party he got reeeeaaaal pale and reeeeeal scared. I literally dragged him out with Kyle helping me. We were just like this was fucking stupid guy we're bringing him somewhere safe. The only problem is I think we waited too long. Because last night he paced around the kitchen in my friends appartment for 3 fucking hours. Okay pacing around isn't that wierd but if its in a 5'x15' area it sure is. He no longer actually talks to anybody, instead he puts his hand in front of his mouth whenever he speaks. To make things worse he went home early and then Kyle came over shortly after that. Kyle is Joe's best friend in the whole fucking world and would not leave his side for any reason. But Joe called us up and asked to talk to Kyle. The convo was short but it didn't need to be long to find out something was and still is horribly wrong. First Joe wanted to know whether Kyle had a gun... Okay everybody knows that he isn't suicidal and he didn't sound like he was but then what the hell did he want a gun for? Next he asked what Kyle was doing and if he wanted to come over. Well Kyle said he was with us picking up some bud and then he would be over. Joe then continued to get very very very wierd and started freaking out and told kyle nevermind do not come over if you are getting bud and hung up on us. Me and Kyle are at our fucking wits ends trying to figure out how Joe managed to surpass us in such a short time. Kyle and I have our own mental problems he has been suicidal for sometime and has stopped taking his medication but he is stable enough without it. I'm a paranoid schizotypal shizoid, as far as the technical definition to that... I'm not exactly sure but 3 different psycologist labeled me that. The wierd thing is it took me and Kyle months if not years to reach the point we're at right now. But Joe either changed over a matter of minutes or several days. We have no idea what to do anymore and we're scared absolutely shitless because we have no idea whats going on with him. We can't get him proffesional help because he wouldn't take to it nearly as well as I or Kyle did and we fucking hated it. I need some ideas what to do here I'm losing a best friend and I may never get him back. I'm seriously ready to cry.

 Another wonderful night    2004-02-05 22:08:40 ET
The moon is either full or very close to it, I can't tell from here... either way it's really bright and it's like noon right now I think I may go for a walk.

Tonight was a pretty good night overall. I went to the station to get gas and some munchies. Well I found an Abba-Zabba and of course for 75 cents I'm going to buy it. So I get up to the counter and put all my shit up there and looks at the candy and it went like this

her: Whoah an Abba Zabba I've never seen anybody actually buy one of these. I've only ever seen em on Half Baked. Are they any good?
Me(with big ass stoner grin):giggle Yeah they're great. The movie is even better.
Her(notices pot leaf on beanie finally): HAHAHAHAHA I see
Me:(bigger smile and a small laugh)
Her:Watcha doin tommorow?
Me: nothin

So I got her number woooo I got a date for tommorow :) unfortunately she didn't look to be my type but then again I haven't been on a date in oh about a year.

 Hair stuff.... wierd    2004-02-05 09:31:57 ET
I'm home after a party once again. Lol it was great and there was only one bad incident, somebody slashed my buddy's tire and left a note:
"I don't appreciate you over sized truck. Good luck moving it now." We know who did this so we're goin to park his truck on his little ass car and leave a note that says:
"I don't appreciate your undersized hippie mobile. I would move my truck but some asshole slashed my tire..."

That will be fun just out of spite. But I got side tracked. Right now I'm just chillin and I gelled my hair for the first time in about a year... I totally forgot why I stopped. My hair is too fucking curly for it to do anything cool. Damn that was a waste of my tie. What to do now?

And spelling doesn't seem to be my strong point today I've changed several word several times just to get the correct spelling that's pretty pathetic especially for me.

In other news I actually started my mushrooms today I'm excited just because those things are expensive and I'm tired of spending money. But like many other things they're are quite fun and I love em. Strange thing is people are always saying but they're nothing like what I do because they are illegal and what I do isn't... Wierd so my indulgances are bad now? Like television couldn't possibly be an addiction? Perhaps skating, swimming, any kind of sport could be an addiction. So why are my indulgances addictions especially if I only use them every 2 weeks or so... Another interesting point is that drug addiction is considered a disease, correct? Well it is the only disease that people get mad at you for. While you hear damnit Jonny you're hooked on crack you will never hear goddamnit Jonny you have lukemia.

This world is just waaaay too fucked up for me. Nobody seems to have their priorities or anything else in order anymore... or it could be just another one of my delusions.

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