That fucking does it...    2004-02-11 14:38:33 ET
... this computer just broke the last straw. now it's not loading a damn thing. I'm going to rip this damn thing apart and probably killing myself in the process.

"But that's my stapler" -"Melvin Office Space"

You remeber what he did at the end of end of the movie with the fire? Yea well it's bound to happen here. While I don't particularly like staplers... There is something to be said about me and my hats. My cousin just asked me if he could wear my favorite cat in the hat, hat. Don't get me wrong I don't generaly have a problem with people borrowing my hats, and my little cousin isn't THAT bad. It is goin to an elementary school. God damn my niceness, I agreed to it. Something is going to get burned down if it is ruined.


 Great...    2004-02-11 14:09:24 ET
Man, I'm stuck with the family tonight. So I don't even get to listen to my music.

I really don't understand the opposite sex... I had 3 different coworkers come and tell me some girls were asking about me at the front counter. Well each one came to me at about hour and a half apart. All I managed to get out of them was that they wanted my name and the next time I worked... One guy even asked who they were and if I could hook him up with the hot little goth chick... This was apparently news to him, I had no fucking idea who these people are! Is it really that hard to fucking ask to talk to me???? damn

 Life just keeps getting wierder    2004-02-11 06:52:29 ET
Didn't sleep last night. There was no possible physical way I was going to fall asleep last night. This insomnia crap keeps getting worse. I used to be able to sleep for atleast half the night but now I'm lucky if I get 4 hours anymore.

Needless to say all kinds of pain, doesn't matter physical and emotional, all gets easier to handle with each problem. The girls laughing ceases to hurt as much. The cold bite of that beautiful steel seems much like a welcome kiss. It is all that remains the same.

 Mixed results    2004-02-10 23:08:37 ET
events of today

1. 10 A.M. Wake up at friends house to doorbell going nuts. Crazy bitch, looking for drugs we have no idea where to find. (sucked)

2. 11:56 A.M. Going to sledding. As I'm coming back to town to get my friends I hit a turkey and end up in a 3' snowbank. (humorous/sucked)

3. 2:00 P.M. I realize that I lost my party supplies somewhere on the hill.(hopeful thinking I'll find it)

4. 3:20 P.M. Figure out I just lost $60 outta stupid luck.(damnit)

5. 4:20-5:30 P.M. Have some fun, and made huge jump, and left after everyone couldn't move. (shit tons of fun)

6. 6:30 P.M. Going to class. (obnoxious) Coworker showed up with a guy that owed the 2 of us a combined total of 350 dollars, and we knew he had it too because he has a big mouth. So we take him to a "party" and persuade him to give us the money. Results= me $100 richer. (badass)

7. 8:00 P.M. Get back to appt. Find out a bunch of kids show up with a ton of party things. Get to party for free. (great!)

odd day I'd say.

 Good, interesting, bad news?    2004-02-10 08:50:54 ET
First man known died of smoking marijuana this past week.

I'm not sure whether to laugh at the irony that pot is illegal and wont kill you, while ciggarrettes on the other hand. Yea I smoke em too oh well. I don't have the article we found and I'm not entirely sure it's real. Anybody else hear anything like that?

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