Honestly now    2004-02-14 20:49:51 ET
Somebody come kidnap me (preferably female) please I will be your slave forever! I want outta here. Ummmmm I have candy

     2004-02-14 20:28:44 ET
ON a side note lemon altoids are fucking amazing!

 Sigh...    2004-02-14 19:52:00 ET
I don't suppose I could feel like everything I've been doing is any less pointless. Me and a friend drove around for several hours today looking for something to do. I mean we woulda done anything. All the rest of our friends were out with their girlfriends. Looks like me and Cory are the only two saps in this damn town without girl friends.

Damn you Valentines Day!

I'm lonely, now I need to cause trouble.

 Oh shit    2004-02-13 21:07:28 ET
The weekend starts off pretty good Friday the 13th (my lucky day for real) and it went great! But now Valentines day which just blows. The its presidents day, I've gotten arrested on this day 2 years in a row. I think I'm going to lock myself in with my friends and not leave till it's over.

Now the wierd thing is my entire family is gone. Well my bros got stuck at my grandmas because of car failure. So thats one mystery solved. But, neither of my parents are here. It's past midnight, the truck is here, the van is gone, all the lights left on, and my dads guns are out... Looks like he left on a call in a hurry. But still where the fuck is my mom? Oh well maybe they left for the weekend =) one can only hope

 Wow...    2004-02-13 05:53:24 ET
I got to stare at my ceiling all night long. I wonder if my life can get any more exciting?

On a side note Valentines Day is tommorow. Personally I am not looking forward to this hyped up day. Mostly for one reason.
Yea and tell me why I can't hate this day now?

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