Yea sometimes I wonder about myself    2004-03-09 08:09:40 ET
Awh hell, my dreams are just getting wierder. Had that recurring dream where I end up get cut into little pieces by people that I seem to recognize... Man I hope dreams aren't in anyway a connection to your real self.

Anyways my managers are dousche bags. I'm supposed to get free food in the morning cuz I'm an opener. Well my manager didn't see it that way. So yesterday I went without food, it sucked, I mean I'm already skinny enough and eat like an elephant so I'm quite sure not eating wont make me gain weight... Stupid metabolism.

 Something to do, Something to do    2004-03-08 14:15:12 ET
Well in a month I'm either getting 2 tongue rings or a tattoo...

Any suggestions? tatt designs would be a good suggestion too =) or any other piercing for that matter

 Daze    2004-03-08 13:50:50 ET
Well I managed to drop the shampoo bottle on my foot in the same place 5 times this morning, put a nice gash in my foot... Just the start of a day full of mean people. But I got my revenge muahahahaha dont fuck with fast food workers.

After work was cool. Got to go off roadin at the tank trails in my little gmc. It was so fuckin badass.

I hope Tino and Jill are ready to go on that with me when they get here. Its a fuckin blast.

So I took my shower and I'm waitin on some grub, then it's partay time! Cuz once again it's FRIDAY for me.

 Okay I lied    2004-03-07 17:35:51 ET
So today wasn't a total drag... I got to go down and see my kitten =D, I hope I can get the little guy, hes so cute and black and white.

I love animals what can I say?

 Blandness and Cheesecake    2004-03-07 17:29:47 ET
Today was a really uneventful day...
1.Woke up at friends house after a party
2.Wake n bake
3.Go to hardware store
4.Go to mall to look at earings
5.Go back to appartment and play FFVII
6.Go home


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