...    2004-03-06 07:37:46 ET
Does anybody know if you can truly lose it if you were to dig too deep into one's psyche?

35 days till vacation time! And Tino and Jill are comin. I'm soooo excited! =D

On another note I think I'm going to go get a kitten when payday rolls around

     2004-03-04 17:59:05 ET

fuck it just look at the entire page. It's amazing especially if you are into philosophy of sorts. Especially religious

 Wrap your mind around this    2004-03-04 17:41:45 ET

read that.

and then hug your heathen or christian neighbors they are no different than you.

 On another note    2004-03-04 17:15:18 ET
I just remembered the coolest thing about today!

Me and Lee were out to find some blunt wraps. So we went to a pipe shop near where he lives. Well we got the wraps and Lee found a really sweet pipe he couldn't live without so he had her put it aside so we could come back with cash to pick it up. Normally they wont do this, but I hangout with the two sisters that work there (plus a discount!) So we go back to the appartement and bust out the grape wrap and rolled a huge blunt took it back to the shop, picked up the pipe, and asked if she wanted to smoke it with us. Talk about a badass sess, she closed the store for a half hour while we smoked it. It was good day, not a care in the world.

Before you call me a stoner let me get this straight. I smoke bud yes, but not as much as most and more than average folks. Call me a professional smoker if you will lol.

No... I'm not right now

     2004-03-04 16:59:57 ET
Wow, had a good dream last night. First one in about a month that wasn't a nightmare. And damnit it just made me be even more anxious about some things... I just can't wait

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