2004-03-01 20:47:52 ET
It's amazing I never dreamed for a second that I could hold more contempt and hate for someone other than Kristel. Mel ran into me today. She hasn't changed a bit, we were best friends and now look. gah today sucked

 Yay    2004-02-29 18:13:02 ET
Got some new fingernail polish. It's shiny metallic green. Mmmmmm shiny things... drool*

On another note who's more badass, Batman or the Punisher??????

     2004-02-28 19:52:28 ET
Okay so apart from screwing myself on a date it's not all bad. I got a Jack Skellington trucker hat and some new earings. Jumped like 3 gauges and now they hurt.

 Arrrrg    2004-02-28 19:30:01 ET
Okay I have a disability with talking to girls... This fucking blows.

     2004-02-26 19:21:50 ET
I don't have a reason. I've just been depressed all day.
I hate feeling like this.

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