You might want to know    2004-02-24 08:21:46 ET
There is a diseased hamster in the fish tank!

 Day from hell...    2004-02-21 19:52:20 ET
Okay today started off bad with getting up at 5 to get to work at 7. Yea I went through my usual routine. Until the crazy bitch showed up 30 minutes late and got fired. She shows up half an hour late for 3 weeks and wonders why she got fired... stupid whore. Mind you I'm the one that has to do her job when she doesn't show up, but the best part, she tried to get me to talk to the managers. I got to flip shit on her and yelled at her for trying to get any sort of sympathy from me.

It's a bad idea to hit on the customers. I found this one out the hard way today. All I can say is that she was eyeing me and I just had to say something. Well mr. manager didn't like it and I got written up. Stupid fucking policies.

I want to ask out one of my coworkers but I'm not sure how to do it without making the whole work day thing wierd. Anybody got suggestions?

Well my night blew. Nobody wanted to box me, and I really wanted to fight. Everybody went up to a kegger without me =( And I have to miss out because I have to open.

Lastly how do I get pics posted in my journal, not the galleries but the journal??? I got a rough draft of a tatt that I wanted suggestions on. Cuz right now I'm flat outta ideas.

 wonderful    2004-02-20 20:40:04 ET
I finally looked at my schedule. And wouldn't you know it? I work at 7 fucking A.M., which means I have to be up at 5 A.M.

Damn you schedule making gods! Damn you straight to hell!

 Same Shit Different Day    2004-02-20 20:26:38 ET
Got the munchies and the cereal didn't fill me up.

Another uneventful day. Except for the crazy lady with a heavy southern drawl. She was hilarious.

 Waittaminute that doesn't make sense    2004-02-20 08:05:44 ET
Okay so you have an organization thats looking for some people that are willing to travel to exotic locations to work in small ass groups that have no qualms about taking another persons life. But they run a psych. check on me?!?!?! What? How does that work? I think you have to be a little crazy to not have any qualms about killing a man but being slightly more crazy means I can't join? What the hell thats soooo fucking wierd.

Maybe I'll just stare at the pretty pentacle in my background.

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