Excellent    2004-03-03 15:43:56 ET
Despite a crappy day my evening is going well. Just gave myself a haircut and now I'm redying my hair, as it was much needed. So I'm all happy. I also got to paint my nails. I love not having to work the next day =D

Still stuck on what I'm gonna do for cash during the next week... Maybe I could become a gigilo. Hmmmm that could lead to many exciting adventures wink wink nudge nudge anybody got some cash?

 How do I still have a job?    2004-03-03 15:02:51 ET
Okay I flipped shit on a customer today, really badly... She was just soooooo stupid and rude. It couldn't be helped. Sigh I got 80 bucks stolen outta my wallet which was in my bandana, in my pants, at the bottom of my bag at work. There were so many new people today I have no idea who it coulda been. My general manager told me hed try and find out who. My only reply was don't tell me at work if you don't want a broken person on your hands.

 FUCK ME!    2004-03-02 19:30:20 ET
Things have to change soon. It sounds like me and my friends have a pretty good chance that old guy is gonna call the cops on us... One way ticket to jail. Oh man This is really freaky

 Holy crap thats odd...    2004-03-02 07:50:07 ET
Well after my little incedent with Mel yesterday I got to thinking about everyone I've ever considered a friend. Well and my conclusion is that I'm a bad person. Every person I hang out with now, with the exception of jesse (he is a more clean cut version of me), was a decent nice non-drug using type of person. Hell even a few of my friends had religion before they met me. I kinda wonder if any of them have noticed this strange little effect I've had on them. Lee, I got to smoke pot once, he loved it and then he started listening to what I said and it made sense so his religion went out the window... Now he's like me only not so much of a doomsayer tho. Jesse was the next person, well he was a version of me from the beggining and visa versa. James was next, all of his friends ditched him and I felt bad and invited him to go party with us. And now he is part of the family. Kristel, well actually she was nice then she started copying things me and all my friends did and turned into and obsessive possesive psycotic whore...

Wow it's nice to know that you play a nice role in the deconstruction of Western Civilization.

 ugh nap time    2004-03-01 21:10:56 ET
I think I should go crash before this ambien fully kicks in. Rather not fall asleep on the way downstairs.

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