sparkle sparkle
2005-11-22 17:20:51 ET

Remember kids..

anythings possible when you...Imagineer it!

Turkey day, fun for ALL!!!
2005-11-22 17:12:22 ET

YAY!!! look out turkey, mammaz commin to dinner.

BACK N BLACK (i couldnt think of anything clever)
2005-11-22 10:51:30 ET

Whooo Hoooo! Hey guys, long time no typey typey! How have you all been! Im so glad i got my account back (thank you vasa!) ne!

new pic!
2004-07-07 13:37:52 ET

Like a dork, i went to KISS all dolled up, lotsa old white trashy dudes gave me a high five. Also..notice my ULTRA CLASSY lincoln town car (i crashed my old car)

love beeeekeeeey.

(No wonder you wanted to be peter criss, nobody wants to be peter criss lois, not even peter criss)

2004-05-14 05:59:04 ET

dooodz, any o' u KC cats know of any kick ass shows comming up?

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