my ice cave
2004-06-18 12:41:02 ET


2004-06-18 12:31:24 ET

how do you post picturesin a post

The worst day
2004-06-15 10:19:36 ET

well today was a crappy day, everyone was being a jerk to me, like the people who are suppose to be my friends.. they kept making fun of me.. grr. it was irritating.. i hate it when people say they hate me.. cause i never know what i;ve done wrong, and they don't tell me!!!

i am super worried about my brother, because he's been skipping class, and doing drugs and not coming home and he is only 15.. and i am worried that he is going to make all the wrong choices...

and my dad and my boyfriend both lost their jobs today (they work together).. and tomorrow i have a pap test.. grr

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