2003-07-16 05:56:26 ET

i'm gonna start a zine.. anyone wanna help?

2003-07-16 05:57:54 ET

me! hehehe i wanna help

2003-07-16 06:13:31 ET

i'd help

2003-07-16 06:38:36 ET

but only cause I dont know how...

2003-07-18 05:01:08 ET

you can write about something. or make pictures!

so how shall we go about this?>

2003-07-18 05:12:53 ET

i couldn't tell ya...your leading this

2003-07-18 14:29:36 ET

maybe you can make it an online zine. :)

2003-07-18 15:05:40 ET

thatd be a lot easier

2003-07-19 04:18:19 ET

that's true. okay so we gotta find a place to start it and then figure out what we'e gonna write about

2003-07-19 04:25:38 ET

i dont know much about domains but we can do it on bands! local bands. ^^ maybe?

2003-07-19 04:36:37 ET

well we could except we dont all live in the same area so itd be kinda weird

2003-07-19 04:37:03 ET

we need to all get in a chat or something where we can all disgus it together

2003-07-19 04:38:01 ET

well im online right now

2003-07-19 04:38:55 ET

I'll help if you're interested *innocent pleading smile*

2003-07-19 04:38:57 ET

me too but i need to go take care of my roommate

2003-07-19 04:39:48 ET

but ill leave my contact info up for further notice:

aim - tattootheskys

email - tattootheskys@hotmail.com

yahoo - tap_f0r_life

2003-07-19 04:42:53 ET

yeah that's a good idea...don't mind if I copy ya there ;)

MSN - fragile_tough_girl@hotmail.com

YAHOO - fused_scorpio

2003-07-19 04:51:33 ET

yahoo Throughbeingcool210
email Christine210@cox.net

2003-07-22 06:43:55 ET

alright awesome

i guess we could do it on local bands. i'm in canada so our local bands will be different of course,
before we do anything we have to figure out what our like zine will be about okay?

so if you have any suggestions you can either pm me or e-mail me at


hear from ya soon!

2003-07-22 06:50:07 ET

do you have msn messenger?

2003-07-22 17:21:02 ET

sure do!

2003-07-22 18:58:43 ET

as do i


2003-07-23 13:17:55 ET


2003-07-24 09:51:33 ET

okay awesome i added both of you! yay!

2003-07-24 10:28:15 ET


2003-07-24 20:24:06 ET


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