moral issues
2004-07-03 12:40:44 ET

Does it make me a bad person if i WANT my boyfriend to cheat on me that way i have an excuse to break things off?

i am such chicken shit..

2004-07-03 12:53:19 ET

:-( .. Not wanting to be with someone, is reason enough to break up with them.

2004-07-03 13:09:23 ET

I've had that desire before.

2004-07-03 13:18:30 ET

but i can't i want to.. but i can't.. he like.. makes me feel so bad about it.. and a part of me wants to try.. its just not a big part

2004-07-03 13:22:21 ET

aww :-(.. He has no right to make you feel bad for how you feel.. You can't control how you feel, for , or against him... the only thing that is bad, is for you to not be true to yourself.

2004-07-03 13:33:20 ET

if you dont want to be with him just break up ;-P
you can only sacrifice so much and most guys are not worth it anyway...

2004-07-03 13:39:03 ET

i can't though.. its so hard for me to do it.. like everytime i think i can't take anymore he makes me feel nice.. grr i dunno

can you hold my hand while i do it?

2004-07-04 08:33:38 ET

why dont you ask him why you guys are together in the first place?

2004-07-04 15:02:51 ET

It will more than likely get the idea of the break up into his head at least...I know when Cory asked me that I knew it wouldn't be long...of course he may give you a really sweet reason and then it'll be even harder...

*holds hand*

2004-07-06 11:30:09 ET

aw rachel..
do what your heart says to do.
[to me it sounds like it's saying get out.]

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