2004-07-27 07:18:14 ET

i was just looking around at some people's pages.. and i noticed that there is a noticeable amount of people do those renasonce (sp?!?!?) fair things.. where they dress up like medival times and what not... what is that!?

yeah.. i'd say i feel pretty good

2004-07-27 07:26:06 ET

its basically like monty python and the holy grail except in real life.

2004-07-27 07:43:43 ET

I have no idea.. apparently it's fun or something.

2004-07-27 09:35:11 ET

I've never been to a Renaissance fair. A reasonance fair sounds like something kick ass too.

I think that these people make Ren fairs a large part of their life.

2004-07-27 09:40:41 ET

Faire is evil.....just say nay!!!

2004-07-27 09:59:56 ET

i have never dressed up. but they do sell the best carmel apples ever.

2004-07-27 10:12:08 ET

i went to one when i was a kid.. but there are a bunch of ppl on here that seem to love it...
Turbo: i've never seen any monty python

Angel: yeah.. fun.. *rolls her eyes* j/k

Roentgen:thanks for the correct spelling :D

Az: NAY lol..

Riot: where would they get the costumes?

2004-07-27 10:14:30 ET

Most of the time costumes can be found in specialty shops all around, just have to look for em. Or lots of people make them. I had my costume made for me. You can also buy costumes and weapons and adornments at Faire, it's how they make their money. Well, that and entrance fees.

2004-07-27 10:15:50 ET

oh nice.. so it can be like an art show where you make stuff, and sell it, to make money for new costumes?

2004-07-27 12:29:50 ET

something like that yea

2004-07-27 17:04:27 ET

i think most of them make them.
maybe ebay. you can get anything on ebay.

2004-07-27 17:57:20 ET

oh man.. what can't you get on ebay.

2004-07-27 18:17:00 ET

lol. exactly.

2004-07-27 18:51:31 ET


2004-07-27 20:25:24 ET

You aren't suppose to be able to buy people living or dead... but if you search hard enough.. and close the deal before the auction is found by the ebay policia...

2004-07-28 02:39:00 ET

lol thats bad...i would never want to get laid by someone on ebay.

2004-07-28 10:24:34 ET

haha. i want to buy sex on Ebay.

2004-07-28 12:45:40 ET

omg.. it would have rabiis.. or some kinda STD i bet

2004-07-28 12:46:07 ET

I think I heard something about some girl trying to sell her virginity on Ebay once.

2004-07-28 12:47:45 ET

wts.. thats gross lol

i heard someone sold apbj sandwich

2004-07-28 12:56:03 ET

hehe probably! I saw a sock full of change on there once too.

2004-07-28 14:14:28 ET

omg.. people have way too much time on their hands

2004-07-28 14:31:37 ET

The girl that sold her virginity was a lesbian and is now rich. She was also not too sweet looking though.

2004-07-28 16:43:05 ET

.. how much did she sell it for? and how is she rich?

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