birthday blues
2004-08-05 13:42:10 ET

good god.. what am i going to get my boyfriend for his 21ist birthday!? i want to take him to dinner at the keg.. and stuff but i need an actual gift.. any ideas?

2004-08-05 14:14:21 ET

can't go wrong with gift certificates...or umm what else is he into

2004-08-05 14:19:03 ET

i'm his girlfriend i can't get him gift certificates... he is into video games.. and toronto maple leafs... and.. pot.. but he won't do it... oh god what do i get him?~

2004-08-05 15:14:08 ET

get him a video game then. he'll love you for it.

2004-08-05 15:19:03 ET

get him something that will remind him of like a really funnyinside joke or a really nice fond memory.

2004-08-05 18:13:08 ET

hmmm we don't have many fond memories.. maybe of camping.. MAYBE WHEN HE GROPES ME.. in his sleep *shakes fist* hmmm i could make him a t-shirt.. i was thinking new hat

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