2004-08-07 14:03:57 ET

what important happened in 1954?


i found the perfect present for teh boy... i bought him two tickets (well one is for me) for the metallica godsmack show.. floor seats .. 106 bucks each..

man am i good or what?>

2004-08-07 14:15:20 ET



2004-08-07 14:16:39 ET

that works.. my nana has to do a speech for her friends who are having their 50th anniversary

2004-08-07 14:17:26 ET

oh well then I have a whole slew of facts from 1954 thanks to google.lol

2004-08-07 14:18:12 ET

yeah i was just about to check there

2004-08-07 14:18:18 ET


2004-08-07 14:18:57 ET

omg.. "History of Insecticides and Control Equipement"

2004-08-07 14:19:39 ET

lol *shrugs* i just typed in achievments of 1954

2004-08-08 14:54:34 ET

$100 a piece i would never ever pay that much....oh yeah i hate both of those bands haha

2004-08-08 18:03:55 ET

yeah i don't like godsmack and i've never really listened to metallica.. but because i am an awesome girlfriend i got tickets for him.. and i didn;t want floor seats.. but my best friend bought them

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