Do you wanna get married or run away?
2004-11-29 17:26:30 ET

I hope g-dawg will be happy one day.. i want everyone to be happy. i would really like everyone to have a chance at being happy, or to at least feel it.

i am happy.. very happy.. even when i am stressed i am happy.

"i wanna wake up where you are, I won't say anything at all..."

2004-11-29 18:17:52 ET

I'm fine.

2004-11-29 19:08:10 ET

truly there needs to be more happiness in all forms!

i find happiness in the smallest of things.. im glad i can do that since i know so many people who dont care about anything and look miserable..

the world to embrace peace and love instead of power and fear

2004-11-29 19:24:49 ET

happy is good

2004-11-30 16:31:31 ET

jackie: so true. the happiness in little things can get us by in more ways than we may think

lars: happy is extrmely good.

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