splurg about long distance relationships
2005-08-17 19:12:52 ET

so what is everyones opinion about long distance relationships? do you think they will last?

so far mine is working out greatly.. but my faith is starting to waiver a bit.. i don't know..

and i lost 5 pounds! wahoo! but i think i am becoming obsessed with the whole losing weight thingy.. but i am doing it very healthfully.. i swim, bike ride, walk every day i can.. and i eat veggies drink tonnes of water... no diet pills! yay!

Now: 149 pounds..
Wish: 136 pounds..

Weight to go (for those that can't do the math): 13 pounds.

wish me luck!

2005-08-17 21:16:43 ET

Long distance relationships are something that require ALOT of faith. So if it's wavering.. I dunno.

2005-08-18 09:55:17 ET

I never knew it was 13 pounds so thanks for informing me.

Evan is too hot to let go don't be stupid.

2005-08-18 13:36:43 ET

Angel: well i am being not only very faithful to him, but faithful that things will work out.. its just so hard because i am far now and i am going to be even further in a few weeks

G-dawg: touche...

2005-08-18 18:33:21 ET

distance sucks...i had my time trying to support it and thus far for me it doesn't work out unless the distance is closed up asap. from my personal experience, it's almost always a bad idea to hold on to someone too closely that doesn't live near you. but i'm sure you'll make the right decisions

2005-08-19 09:46:09 ET

yeah i hope so.. i am hanging on but i understand that if it doesn't work out then there is nothing i can do

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