to the beginning
2007-02-24 08:14:04 ET

i am thinking back on all of this. all of who i was. who i am and who i am becoming. i feel like ive had some kind of epiphany. and i feel a great sense of melancholy drawn upon me.

what are these trivial things? should i wait? wait until i no longer want to be settled with this love? with this wonderfully comfortable part of my life? yet in the meantime long for something else...? because i don\'t feel as if its more i am aftr. this is amazing, but its not it.

do you think they sell it on ebay?

2007-02-24 08:38:00 ET

holy shit...
where have you been?

2007-02-24 10:55:52 ET

seriously, i know. i have been trying to figure out where i am. :P its great to be back though..

did you turn surgeon on me? or were you already one, and i was just unaware of this?

2007-02-24 16:15:23 ET

im an anesthesia tech silly.
i asked the peri-op nurse if she could teach me how to make a cast and somebody took my pic.
i think it ended up well

2007-02-24 21:42:15 ET

i havent talked to you in soooo long.

2007-02-25 02:09:17 ET

melancholy can be very beautiful sometimes and comfort can be very is strange like that.

p.s. i havent talked to you in forever...are you still on msn/aim/whatever?

2007-02-26 02:33:57 ET

mmhmm, i have aim.


im not on a whole whole lot, but i try.

2007-03-03 10:43:01 ET

epi: anesthesia tech thats so kewl! i'm in nursing and i friggin love it.. its my calling

turbo: sometimes on msn.. msg me some time.. its sometimes hard for me to realize the end of melancholy.. its usually my comfort until it gets worse..

angel: how are you beautiful?

2007-03-04 09:51:24 ET

what kind?

2007-03-13 13:27:17 ET

im starting to think mental health and addiction, but i have two years left of school so lots of time to think about it.. ive also thought about ER or OR... not too sure..

how do you like your line of work?

2007-03-13 14:25:33 ET

its not something i would like to do for the rest of my life, im more of an ancillary service really, not much Pt care.
i would how ever like to be either a CRNA or a Anesthesiologist if possible.

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