i've gots ta bone to pick...
2003-01-03 04:44:01 ET

you know i don't get it sometimes.

a mexican kid can go to school witha shirt that says mexican power on it
a black kid can go to school with a shirt that says black power
but if a white kid were to do it there would be serious consequences... its reverse racism. i mean it could be utterly innocent but the white person would be persecuted for it. i know theres a long BAD history of "white power" but i don't mean to the extent that all other races are bad.. just white power.. like girl power.

our worl is twisted

i got a rais at work

my nose is runny

love you graham!

2003-01-03 04:50:43 ET

heh...i think any [insert race here] power slogan is utter bs...but yeah...we live in a society that claims to be attempting to be color blind but it's always so apparent that that is not the case....but yeah...racism on the part of any race is utterly stupid. i agree with the fact that some black people get away with alot of stuff that if reversed towards them would get a white man in serious trouble. meh...two wrongs don't make a right.

and now im REALLY going to bed..i SWEAR

2003-01-03 06:03:39 ET

love the avatar, kiddo. :)

2003-01-03 13:07:53 ET

yes...the avatar reminds me of the song 'i am the media' by these 5 down. go look it up!

2003-01-04 05:15:52 ET

i will!
Total eclipse : thanks!

I love being called kiddo its weird, lol

2003-01-04 11:39:10 ET

i love being called jules.

2003-01-04 12:14:04 ET

I loved being called in the heat of passion.

2003-01-04 12:53:09 ET


2003-01-05 12:38:57 ET

lmao thats the best timme to be called i'd suppose

2003-01-06 00:43:05 ET

;) yep

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