2003-01-05 12:51:03 ET

i got back from my sister's today. graham and i slept over there on saturday then home today., i got my belly button peirced. but not on the top its on the bottom.... its sooooo kewl. i'm really thinking about going to live with barb... it just seems right

2003-01-05 13:17:04 ET


2003-01-05 15:45:21 ET

do you have aiM?

2003-01-05 17:10:51 ET


2003-01-06 13:45:12 ET

I'd support you if you did that, and you know it, but I'd miss you so much.

2003-01-08 13:19:43 ET

no sorry angel i don't have aiM .. i have messenger.. and an iMac.. so i suck :D i love my new hole..

Gray-ham : hun i'd miss you too. and so much more. but there are times , numberless i must say, that it just seems right

2003-01-08 16:47:15 ET

lol okay what's your messenger name???

2003-01-13 18:12:50 ET


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