*here lay my heart*
2003-01-13 18:16:42 ET

i've hit the anger part of my life, and a funny feeling tells me its gonna be a while before it fades. but it could be worse. so tired, my sister smokes too much pot. this is a great song. life's going well. I LOVE GRAHam. my belly button is healing very nicely. and wow. i've seen things that have really made me think... life..

>>"Gotta get thru this" Daniel Bedingfield

p.s cheesy yeah but cha to you!

2003-01-14 01:22:01 ET

daniel bedingfield ownz (-:

2003-01-14 18:46:47 ET

:D indeed i love this song. especially right now

2003-01-15 01:43:00 ET

nifty...yes...i've wanted his album for quite some time but i never have money >_<

2003-01-17 18:10:21 ET

that sucks! i "steal" everything off the net

2003-01-18 01:57:09 ET

eh...i only do that if im desperate, and even then i end up buying the cd...lol

2003-01-21 14:30:40 ET


2003-01-22 11:59:45 ET

i am cheesy.

2003-01-22 14:09:02 ET

i am steamy.

2003-01-23 05:54:44 ET

i am rachel

2003-01-23 13:57:41 ET

threesome time!


2003-01-24 09:49:37 ET


2003-01-25 04:37:04 ET


2003-01-25 13:40:25 ET

why not?

2003-01-25 18:40:43 ET

no strings attached?

2003-01-25 19:03:36 ET

of course not!

strings suck. except for bondage...but that's something else entirely.

2003-01-25 19:04:26 ET


2003-01-27 05:38:27 ET

lol thats like awesome! here ocomes threesmoe with a possibility of bondage *;licks her lips*

2003-01-27 10:14:47 ET

mine are chapped.

2003-01-27 13:14:24 ET

*licks your lips so they aren't chapped*

2003-01-27 13:18:35 ET


2003-01-27 13:48:58 ET


2003-01-27 18:45:31 ET

you have no idea.

2003-01-28 18:21:24 ET

not at all. why not tell me?

2003-01-28 18:57:53 ET

well i havent in 14 months. take a guess.

2003-01-29 05:59:33 ET

i'm so lost. you want to move to mars? you eat appls on sticks? YOU LOVE ZWAN AND WILL TRAVEL TO ONTARIO AND SEE THE CONCERT WITH ME?!?!

2003-01-29 11:53:29 ET

yes to all. but i live 2,000 miles away! what is ZWAN doing in ontario! have they toured in us yet/

2003-01-29 12:40:22 ET

hmmm...<feels left out>

2003-01-29 17:29:16 ET

*hugs turbo* you can come to the concert too

they are in ontario because they love me

2003-01-29 18:20:55 ET

just like us?

2003-01-31 03:12:25 ET


ill come with!

...using my nonexistant money


2003-01-31 18:06:18 ET

sounds like a plan..
yes just like you!
i have money. that i am suppose to save for when i am older but its not working. dang being 15

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