Long time gone...
2003-03-20 14:51:08 ET

Well it's been awhile , and lots has happened

over my march break i accidently broke my neice's leg while i was carrying down the stairs and i slipped and we fell. i feel horrible, but it could be worse..

i'm starting to think that i am lactose intolerant. dairy makes me so incredible sick and nauseated all the time. its gross

i've really been getting excited about going to see Zwan on Tuesday, its gonna rule

so there are bombs over baghdad. thats also an awesome song by outkast, which i did a dance to when i was a cheerleader a while ago..

you know i'm angry. about this war. i mean its so horrible sad that we live in a world that there has to be a war going on and mass destruction of homes, families, lives and everything. and that such a monster as Saddam Hussein walks the earth. why has it taken 12 years for the states or anyone to finally do something about the cruelty? i mean the states didn't really start to care until they're boarders were directly threatened. and the protesters taking up their rights to demonstrate. but which world are they living in? the world that is or the world that should be? i mean anarchy is beautiful, but it would never work because humans crave power, money, and greed, and working together is ... it's a hard concept for many people to grasp, i just hope that this doesn't last too long, not many ppl are killed and everything ends peacefully.


2003-03-24 01:48:24 ET

i like many of your views, there...

i want to see zwan!!!

oh and 'bombs over baghdad' eh?

reminds me of the song 'bombs over broadway' by squad 5-0. also the title of the cd that that song came from...the same cd which featured this cover - - and this cd came out a year or 2 before september 11th. very funky, i thought...

squad 5-0...good band...check 'em out sometime

but anywho im rambling...good to see you updating again (-:

hope your neice's leg heals up quickly

2003-03-24 13:57:33 ET

<3 thanks. sorry i didn't respond sooner.. zwan is tomorrow woot!

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