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2003-07-08 18:15:10 ET

well i think i've got pink eyes.. and if not then why on earth are they so freaking itchy!!!??? i was at my sister's house and it was load o' fun! went camping.. fufilled fantasies! but anyways life is back to normal whatever that is..

so today graham and i went to the scarborough town centre and went shopping.. recently i've been on hyper-corporate shopping spree mode.. and it's not kewl and as i went down the escalator holding my oh-so -nutricious lunch "Taco Bell" with curly fries.. there was a man coming up the escalator and his shirt said... "Get Real...."... whoa....

have a great night ya'll!

ps. Graham said that he would talk to me on MSN... but... he's not here.. he promised!


2003-07-08 19:20:27 ET

well hello fellow Canadian! in fact, I'm right down the road from you. (If the road was the 401).

Pink eye ought to be checked out with the doctor!

2003-07-08 22:05:46 ET

Eep.. pink eye doesn't sound fun.

2003-07-09 01:03:05 ET

fantasies? _o

2003-07-10 08:30:19 ET

lilith! yay! canada... did you hear about how they were letting that dsex offender out of jail.. makes me so angry!

angel! yeah it's no good. i think i brought it over to the other eye

Turbo! (Lars right?) yesh fantasies! :)

2003-07-10 10:38:00 ET

that story disgusts me (the sex offender). you're referring to the one that's moving into holly jones's neighbourhood, correct?


ah, the scarberia mall. i miss it so.

2003-07-11 06:09:55 ET

yeah that's the one. i mean it just shows you how much people really care about their city.. but they decided against it.. it's just so sad that it was an option

2003-07-16 23:45:12 ET

what kinda fantasies? huh huh huh!?

2003-07-18 05:00:32 ET

:) fun ones!

2003-07-18 11:51:10 ET

hrmmm ;-P

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