Who likes boots?
2002-11-07 13:37:11 ET

I like boots. These are mine, which are being retired. Sigh.

2002-11-07 13:37:55 ET


2002-11-07 13:38:21 ET

They're old and I just need to mooove on. ;)

2002-11-07 13:38:47 ET

she's investing in a bling bling new pair that i'll get to paint

2002-11-07 13:39:40 ET

Which will be RAD.

2002-11-07 13:40:32 ET

my boots are probably older than YOU :P

2002-11-07 13:41:28 ET

Probably. How old are they?

2002-11-07 13:41:41 ET

My shoes are better :D ^_-

2002-11-07 13:42:20 ET

Sorry that mine don't meet your "cool shoes" standard. :P

2002-11-07 13:42:54 ET

awwww..bye bye shoes..time for new ones =)

2002-11-07 13:43:04 ET

actually they are only 7 years old...;)

2002-11-07 13:44:08 ET

LOL but r cool! Anyway :P

2002-11-07 13:44:16 ET

...You think I'm younger than 7? Wow, I must look REALLY young in my pictures. Scary. ;)

But I was 11 when you got them. :)

They'll miss you, Cyndi.

2002-11-07 13:47:03 ET

i want those boots! lmao

2002-11-07 13:48:01 ET

They're for saaaaale. ;)

2002-11-07 13:49:07 ET

i have some DOC's plain black ones..that need to be sold..ive only wore them twice cuz they are too small for me =(

2002-11-07 13:49:18 ET

I wonder if white go-go boots will come back in style?

2002-11-07 13:52:43 ET

how much??

2002-11-07 13:53:51 ET

..i wear chucks...

2002-11-07 13:54:13 ET

How much? Very little for the blue pair, since I wore them so much. But just a smidge more for the yellow ones since they were only worn once.

2002-11-07 13:54:23 ET

Chucks are sexy.

2002-11-07 13:54:46 ET

tru tru.

2002-11-07 13:55:22 ET

HOW much? lol

what size? lol

2002-11-07 13:56:05 ET

The yellow are size 9, the blue are size 8.

I didn't really think about the price actually.

2002-11-07 13:57:45 ET

lol. hopefully not too much.

2002-11-07 13:58:27 ET

Both pairs were $80 when I bought them...sooooo...shit deppreciates and stuff....so I dunno.

2002-11-07 13:59:43 ET

i wear chucks.. =) and i wear my cool checkered vans. oh yea!

i need to sell my boots..im too lazy to go on ebay..haha.

2002-11-07 14:00:09 ET


2002-11-07 14:00:45 ET

Yeah, I leave notes on my LJs and stuff to see if people are intrested. I'm too lazy for e-bay.

2002-11-07 14:02:32 ET

Lovely boots! I was a psychotic doc marten boot collector in grade 10. I have teal blue/white plaid with yellow daisies [[yech!]], white with red crowns, patent leather yellow, plain black, and black with red and yellow writing. PSYCHOTIC! The sad thing is that I did not wear them much before and I do not wear them anymore now. I really SHOULD sell them.

I cannot wear Chuck Taylor Converse shoes because they do not cooperate well with the snow and bitter cold. haha

2002-11-07 14:04:36 ET

Yeah, the blue ones are from the 7th grade and the yellow ones are from my freshman year. Hahaha.

2002-11-07 14:05:09 ET

i like them to....i want!

2002-11-07 14:05:11 ET

oh yea i bet chucks wont..haha..like i cant wear them when its raining..i wear my vans =)

wow those are a lot of boots..what size.i'll buy a cool pair..since mine are too small...i still want boots.

2002-11-07 14:05:50 ET

Goula/Donna: Make me an offer?

2002-11-07 14:07:45 ET

i cant out bid!!! im POOR! :(

2002-11-07 14:08:09 ET

ha! $1 then

2002-11-07 14:08:14 ET


2002-11-07 14:08:30 ET

umm i really don't know

2002-11-07 14:08:50 ET


2002-11-07 14:08:52 ET

It isn't to outbid. ;) Poor is cool, I'm poor too. I just need SOMETHING so I can pay for shipping and save a little extra for sexxxy new boots.

2002-11-07 14:08:53 ET

what do you think junkie?

2002-11-07 14:09:03 ET


2002-11-07 14:10:16 ET

i think..ummm...30 bucks is good =)

2002-11-07 14:10:54 ET

$15? i know its like $7 for shipping. lol. i hate to go so low :( esp when you gotta pay for shipping

2002-11-07 14:12:02 ET

how old are they any ways?

2002-11-07 14:12:17 ET

For which pair, Donna?

They're kinda old, but these shoes can take a beating. I only wore the yellow ones once.

2002-11-07 14:13:07 ET

i still think 25-30 bucks is good =)

2002-11-07 14:13:23 ET

i can oly fit the blue ones

2002-11-07 14:13:31 ET

$25-30 for mine, Cyndi?

2002-11-07 14:13:32 ET


2002-11-07 14:16:34 ET

yes yes..for yours.

2002-11-07 14:17:13 ET

Thanks for the appraisal. Sounds good to me.

2002-11-07 14:17:17 ET

i want them too!

2002-11-07 14:19:36 ET

everybody wants them!! what about mine?? haha yea mind are plain and boring hehehe..tis ok.

2002-11-07 14:20:20 ET

mine are hot pink and rock your mom like whoa

2002-11-07 14:21:09 ET

Your hot pink ones do rock my mom. Rrrowr.

2002-11-07 14:22:06 ET

retired? nooooooo those are enough good!

2002-11-07 14:22:29 ET

I crave plain 10eye boots.

2002-11-07 14:23:39 ET

im actually selling a pair of practically new black docs, should i go count the eyes?

2002-11-07 14:24:58 ET

Most Docs are 8 eye, but do go check. :) Are they steel capped?

2002-11-07 14:25:20 ET

hey hey me first..ill count mine..i meantioned that i had some new ones too i needed to sell..lol..

2002-11-07 14:25:48 ET

Hahaha! :P How cute.

2002-11-07 14:27:49 ET

i would pay $20 for the blue ones

2002-11-07 14:28:21 ET

With or without shipping?

2002-11-07 14:33:03 ET

i would pay that much ... if i wasnt poor. ahhhh i'll be poor forever, i guess sell em to someone else :'(

2002-11-07 14:44:03 ET

they are not steel toed, lemme go count

2002-11-07 14:44:17 ET

Okay. :)

2002-11-07 14:44:58 ET


2002-11-07 14:45:02 ET


2002-11-07 14:47:41 ET

10eyes! MEOW.

2002-11-07 14:48:41 ET

theyre like brand fucking new

2002-11-07 14:49:00 ET

Do you have a picture?

2002-11-07 14:54:46 ET

no, should i take one

2002-11-07 15:00:43 ET

yes, cause i wanna see too, even though im not buyin lol

2002-11-07 15:01:15 ET

mine have 8..i suck.

2002-11-07 15:01:34 ET

2002-11-07 15:02:22 ET

mine have 11 holes and 6 of those hook thingies

2002-11-07 15:08:44 ET

Those are hot.

2002-11-07 15:09:47 ET

i want some with 20 holes and steel toe

2002-11-07 15:12:01 ET

Grinder's Kings. MEOW.

$197.95 new. Rrrowr.

2002-11-07 15:12:42 ET

yea! like that!!!

2002-11-07 15:13:07 ET

I love those boots. I love them hardcore. :(

2002-11-07 15:13:34 ET

my mom has those.

2002-11-07 15:15:12 ET

NO! what size???

2002-11-07 15:15:40 ET

Your mom has those? I'm JEALOUS.

2002-11-07 15:19:40 ET

yea she used to wear Doc's and old school Vans when she was younger. and i remember she had those docs and when i was 9 i used to wear them. but than my feet got bigger..so i could never really wear them.

2002-11-07 15:20:12 ET

How rad!

2002-11-07 15:20:14 ET

what size are they?????

2002-11-07 15:22:59 ET

I too require new boots

2002-11-07 15:23:14 ET

ummm really small...my mom has small feet..like a size 6?

2002-11-07 15:28:55 ET

YAY!!!!!!i can barley fit them but i can try...casually stroll in her room and box them up and send them!pweeeeez???

2002-11-07 15:29:11 ET


2002-11-07 15:38:21 ET

What? Kill whitey?

2002-11-07 15:38:43 ET


2002-11-07 15:39:20 ET

Kill whitey? Huh?

2002-11-07 15:43:38 ET

whitey ford?

2002-11-07 15:47:47 ET


2002-11-07 15:48:33 ET

Have mercy on whitey!

2002-11-07 17:42:03 ET

"these boots were made for up, and thats just what they'll do and one of these days these boots are gonna walk all ove ryou" billy ray cyrus! lol

i need boots

2002-11-07 17:42:46 ET

Go here go here: http://www.thelastresort.nu/shoes/grinders/grinders.html


2002-11-07 17:44:50 ET

and buy me a pair too :-D

2002-11-07 17:45:16 ET

Which ones, Paulie?

2002-11-07 17:47:52 ET

www.grindersfootwear.com - Lower prices than The Last Resort

2002-11-07 17:49:32 ET

Thanks for the link. :)

2002-11-07 18:09:16 ET

woah, I always miss your posts... ::sniffle:: Snazzy boots you got there, though. ::two thumbs up::

2002-11-07 18:09:58 ET

You didn't miss it, you're HERE now, Britt! :)

2002-11-07 18:32:46 ET

i doesnt matter, i wanted a pair to practice painting

2002-11-07 19:45:27 ET

yey! I'm here! heh

2002-11-08 03:59:46 ET

Paul, I'll bring you some older crappier thrift store boots for practice. ;)

I <3 Britt.

2002-11-08 08:22:01 ET

cooool. i'll go get paint

2002-11-08 22:16:00 ET

I need new shoes. Argh. A haircut too.

2002-11-09 03:11:20 ET

and brush those damn teeth while your at it

2002-11-09 03:30:55 ET

Woah woah woah! One step at a time.

2002-11-09 08:33:41 ET


2002-11-09 10:26:39 ET

Paul, play nice with Sheen! :P

2002-11-09 18:11:42 ET

oh sorry, -puts knife down.

2002-11-09 18:12:35 ET

Thanks. :)

2002-11-09 21:41:39 ET


2002-11-10 04:59:20 ET

i'll cut your hair.. AND I'LL BUY YOUR BOOTS CHAOTIC i'll buy the yellow ones and i'll out bid everyone here!!!!!

2002-11-10 07:21:07 ET

boot lovin...woo hoo

2002-11-10 10:02:19 ET

The yellow ones got sold, Brown. :(

2002-11-11 16:26:26 ET


2002-11-11 16:40:52 ET

boooooooo! looks like its saving money time for moi!

2002-11-11 16:41:28 ET

That sucks. :( Sorry about that!

2002-11-11 16:42:03 ET

lol don't worry i knew you sold one of the pair but i didn;t know which ones

2002-11-11 22:27:00 ET

"these boots were made for stalkin..."

2002-11-12 05:06:12 ET

MWAHAHAHA! I like the way you think.

2002-11-12 15:15:40 ET

Chaotic...i think you should stop being so cool now :). ~.~

2002-11-12 15:16:08 ET

I'm trying to stop. :P

2002-11-12 15:17:34 ET

haha...try harder women! jk jk jk :).

2002-11-12 15:18:21 ET

You don't like me? :(

2002-11-12 15:18:54 ET

i love you :). ~.~

2002-11-12 15:20:00 ET

I love YOU!

2002-11-12 15:23:07 ET

osh gosh bagosh. :).

2002-11-12 16:26:38 ET

My, my! Your boots have caused quite a stir.

Nonetheless, the yellow ones with the Brit designs on them are the same ones as mine. Except mine are a pleasantly sponged pink and purple.

. . .

I walked into a London Shoe two years ago chatting to a friend about this pair of Docs that I'd seen that had not been on the shelves in a long, long while - woe! I would never find them again.

The salesman emerged from the backroom and said - "wait! I know those hideous boots you're talking about and I have one pair left!"

"Aha!" said I, "Which size are they?"

. . .

Anyway, the story ended nicely - they fit perfectly and I spent the next two weeks in blister bliss breaking them in.

The end.

2002-11-12 16:27:36 ET

I haven't seen anyone else around here with them. Good story!

2002-11-13 13:53:56 ET

*major jealousy* the second ones are awesome. i want em dammit!

2002-11-13 13:54:36 ET

Really? No one else seems to want to buy them. :P

2002-11-13 13:57:57 ET

ill buy em! how much?

2002-11-13 14:02:18 ET

Well, they'll be a bitch to ship, and they're old, but I think we decided on $35-40.

2002-11-13 14:04:05 ET

ooooo id so buy them. if u have em in a month and u wanna sell em tell me. i went to a job interview today (chuckie cheese!!)

2002-11-13 14:05:36 ET

WOO! Okay. :)

2002-11-13 14:07:01 ET

im obsessed with animal print stuff. im wearing leapord tights right now lol

2002-11-13 14:08:52 ET


2002-11-13 14:09:24 ET


2002-11-15 13:34:22 ET

those are muthfucking rock.

2002-11-15 13:35:58 ET

Oh, thank you.

I think the girl buying the yellow boots bailed on me.

2002-11-15 13:36:56 ET

how much and what size?

2002-11-15 13:37:26 ET

Size 9, $40.

2002-11-15 13:38:17 ET

hmm, i might know someone that wants to buy them.

2002-11-15 13:39:08 ET

The post limit is 150, and we're meeting it, so PM me. :D

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