2003-01-10 17:12:35 ET

All better.

On another note, I wish I had the answers to every question I ever asked. And I wish I had rabies so I could foam at the mouth and die.

I suck at life.

We'll miss you, mr.b0y <3

2003-01-10 17:13:54 ET

H8 racists...

I never understood why someone would have a problem with a person because they're a different shade of human...


2003-01-10 17:14:44 ET

I'm still white on the outside, so I don't know. So much for being "non-racist" like he says he is.

2003-01-10 17:25:11 ET

what fuckheads!

want me to kick 'em?

2003-01-10 17:25:40 ET

Maybe, but it may create SK drama. No good.

2003-01-10 17:26:39 ET

oh? it was someone on sk?

2003-01-10 17:27:36 ET

I am sorry that someone said that to you. Shame on that person.

2003-01-10 17:31:32 ET

Yeah, Cyndi, it was. I blocked them from my page. I'm pretty upset.

Thanks, <3

2003-01-10 17:34:08 ET

oh wow. thats crazy :(

im sorry.

i love you jocelyn!

<3 much love to you!! and Aaron loves you too!

2003-01-10 17:35:33 ET

I love you, Cyndi! And I love Aaron! Thank you guys.

2003-01-10 17:36:21 ET


we're always here for ya!

2003-01-10 17:37:12 ET

That means a lot, Cyndiface.

2003-01-10 17:38:16 ET

no no its Cyndipants...haha that what Will calls me :)

2003-01-10 17:39:19 ET

Yes sir, Captain Cyndipants. :P

2003-01-10 17:39:50 ET

hehehe silly. just silly.

2003-01-10 17:40:23 ET

<3 You rule.

2003-01-10 17:42:27 ET

im singing..lalalalala ever seen that movie cry baby

please mr.jail, im innocent i swear it!!! please mr.jailor, wont you let my man freeeeeeee

2003-01-10 17:43:14 ET

I've never seen it. Is it good?

2003-01-10 17:47:27 ET

oh my goodness!! yes you must see it "Cry Baby" is the name of the movie.

Jonny Deep is in it. its like 50's style "rockabilly" and Ricki Lake is in it..and shes really really old Ricki Lake..haha.

2003-01-10 17:49:11 ET

Yeah, Ricki Lake was in "Serial Mom", and that was funny shit.

I will look into it tomorrow, when I'm spending the night alone.

2003-01-10 17:50:07 ET

its funny. Aaron and I are watching it right now.

Rockabilly vs. the preps. hahaha. yes look into it :)

2003-01-10 17:51:52 ET

Haha, that sounds great! Die, preps, die. :P

2003-01-10 17:52:50 ET

heheheh yes..well im gonna go now..time for Aaron poo to get to bed cuz hes got work in the morning and i dont wanna keep him up with my typing :)

good nite my dear!! <3 <3 <3

2003-01-10 17:55:42 ET

Night, Cyndi! <3 <3 <3

2003-01-10 18:18:05 ET

What a jerkhead!

I hate ppl like that.

2003-01-10 18:18:28 ET

So do I. Rawr.

2003-01-10 18:24:34 ET

Lebanese is cool with me.

2003-01-10 18:24:45 ET

hrm <hugs>

i will beat all racists to a bloody pulp with not just a large fish but a MUTANT PIRAHNA!

2003-01-10 18:26:57 ET

I'm glad you're down with the Arab flava.

Haha, thanks Lars.

2003-01-10 18:35:48 ET

Bah. Should of slapped them, repeatidly, with furniture, LARGE furniture.

2003-01-10 18:37:20 ET

They don't live here. :P

2003-01-10 18:37:47 ET

Hrmmm... Well... I say you... Bah, forget them!

2003-01-10 18:38:16 ET

I'll try.

2003-01-10 18:41:07 ET

Good. You don't need someone like that.

2003-01-10 18:42:52 ET

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU POSTED YOU POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003-01-10 18:44:21 ET

I know, but I'm such girl sometimes.

Just for you, Aaron!

2003-01-10 18:58:32 ET

I think it's amazing how so many idiots who claim to be non-racist discriminate against people with Middle-Eastern blood. Because, "after all, they're all terrorists, and therefor don't count."

People are idiots.

Hope you run into as few people like that as possible, Joce.

P.S. You look as white as I do! :-P

2003-01-10 19:00:27 ET

Blah. I heard my manager say "Minorities cannot be racist." Hrmm, couldn't really go with him on that one.

2003-01-10 19:04:21 ET

No shit. Actually, I've run into more racism from minorty groups than white folk. Probably just based on the places I've lived, tho. And ususally, oddly enough, the racism is aimed at people of the same or a similar race. For example, if you're Mexican, and don't "act Mexican", you'll probably run into alot more Mexicans who dislike you for your 'white ways' than whites who hate you for your blood.

But that may just be Seaside.

2003-01-10 19:13:17 ET

Ahhhh, yeah, that happens here too. Its like since your race is "supposed" to act someway, you should too. I suppose that goes for all races. Meh. Its just stupid.

2003-01-10 19:20:42 ET

Idunno. Just observations. I'm a total mutt. White is the only race that'd take my Irish ass. ;-)

2003-01-10 19:23:48 ET

lol, uhh huh. :P I didn't totally get what you said.

2003-01-10 19:27:07 ET

No, I am SERIOUSLY whiter than anything. Have Lebenese in my blood, but it doesn't dominate and it's not a lot. but it's there, and I like that side of my family. But it's okay, I'm too busy tying up my camels to care. :P

2003-01-10 19:32:11 ET


I think I have just about everything but Aboriginee. But I'm mostly Irish. My friends call me a Mick, but it's in the most loving way possible. :-P

2003-01-10 19:32:45 ET

Hah, oh brother. As far as skin color goes. I think I have you all beat. I'm about as white as it gets.

2003-01-10 19:33:26 ET

Haha. My friends call me things, but I don't think its in loving ways :P

2003-01-10 19:35:20 ET

The only person I've ever known paler than me is this lovely girl.

And she has no pics up to prove it. :-(

2003-01-10 19:35:28 ET

You haven't seen my legs yet! SCARY!

I don't think "sand jew" could be anything but mean.

2003-01-10 19:36:30 ET

yeah. 'sand jew' is pretty nasty. Link him, so everyone can go harass him ;-) (j/k)

2003-01-10 19:37:24 ET

Haha, I'll keep the bitching to my own journal. :P I don't want things to get too out of control.

2003-01-10 19:38:35 ET

Pale is sexy.

2003-01-10 19:39:17 ET

FINALLY. <3 Like Nicole Kidman.

2003-01-10 19:42:52 ET

What if you *whispers secret plan* to him? Eh? That sounds good to me.

2003-01-10 19:43:45 ET

WHAT? Can you speak up please? :P

2003-01-10 19:44:34 ET

No... Because I have no plan! I'm a fraud!!!

2003-01-10 19:46:11 ET

:( I forgive you.

2003-01-10 19:47:27 ET

Nicole Kidman *drool*

2003-01-10 19:47:45 ET

You fucking know it.

2003-01-10 19:51:27 ET

Haha, thanks. :D

2003-01-10 19:59:07 ET


2003-01-10 20:14:52 ET

But her no-ass is pale!

2003-01-10 20:25:09 ET

Yay. So is Roseann Arnold/Barr.

2003-01-10 20:25:51 ET

But I think Nicole Kidman is far less annoying, ahaha.

2003-01-10 20:31:37 ET

Annoying or not, she still has no ass. I rarely buy into that whole 6 foot, 105 lbs thing.

2003-01-10 20:33:21 ET

Yeah, that's desperately underweight.

2003-01-10 20:38:07 ET

As is Nicole Kidman. Now, for a beautiful pale girl- (well, pale sometimes) Eliza Dusku. *drooooooool*

2003-01-10 20:39:38 ET

ELIZA DUSKU. Although, I do feel your Buffy/Faith obsessions leaking out on that one.

2003-01-10 20:56:22 ET

Hrmmm... Ummm... Yes. I dunno what to say, but I feel the need to be in a convo

2003-01-10 20:58:40 ET

No. It is, in fact Eliza DusHku.

2003-01-10 20:59:31 ET

And yes, I fell in love with her character Faith. Mmmmmm.

2003-01-10 21:05:49 ET

Thank you for returning, mech, <3

Dusku,'s the same. Faith rules.

2003-01-10 21:08:59 ET

Very much so. And I corrected you because I thought you were trying to correct me. :-P

2003-01-10 21:10:26 ET

No, I was just running with it since I had no idea how to spell her name.

2003-01-10 21:20:22 ET

Hah, yes, indeed. Now the subject is cute pale girls, correct? I'm a little slow.

2003-01-10 21:21:37 ET

Yes, you've got it. <3

2003-01-10 21:28:18 ET

Ummm... Hrmmm... I know the girl I liked was cute, and pale :P But... I'm over her.

2003-01-10 21:29:48 ET

It seems that all the hot white girls are pale.

2003-01-10 21:33:16 ET

It does... Although, there was one, that was tanned, and cute. Mehuh.

2003-01-10 22:02:01 ET

I think tanning is scary. Like BROWN white girls.

2003-01-10 22:14:04 ET

Tanning can be scary. But, if its natural, or looks natural, I don't have a problem. DARK DARK DARK GODAWFUL tans scare me though. Like that old lady on Something About Mary

2003-01-10 22:23:15 ET

Uber-tanned blondes are the worst. Nobody looks good like that.

2003-01-10 23:47:07 ET

what are heavily tanned blondes THINKING!? ah! and they wear pale lipstic and just further their all around washed out straight up nasty look. (okay, sorry, im done)

2003-01-10 23:54:14 ET

yes...beef jerky skin...ew.

pale is good

2003-01-11 03:11:11 ET

pale is healthy!! *ahows off pale skinN*

2003-01-11 08:16:44 ET

No, thanks for the feedback, Nessa. Hahaha. Blondes + Super Tan = FEAR.

Rix, we'll be those hot 90 year old ladies with the perfect sexxxy legs.

2003-01-11 08:22:56 ET

Who am I kidding? I won't live to see 30.

2003-01-11 08:24:23 ET

Okay. So. We'll be those 30 year old ladies with perfect sexxxy legs. :P

2003-01-11 08:27:06 ET

Oh yeah! ;-)

2003-01-11 08:30:00 ET

The mens will be like, "I want those two." And we'll be like, "NO." :P

2003-01-11 08:30:41 ET

"...we're saving it for ZE LADIEZ!!"

2003-01-11 08:36:07 ET

I'm saving myself for Rix.

2003-01-11 08:39:30 ET

Ooh la la! Oops! Let's not start the multi-lingual smut again, sweetie. ;-)

2003-01-11 08:39:57 ET

Don't even get me started. :P

2003-01-11 08:41:36 ET


2003-01-11 08:41:51 ET


2003-01-11 08:51:33 ET


2003-01-11 08:52:10 ET

That was hot, Rix. Purring rules.

2003-01-11 08:57:36 ET

I can do it in real life, too. CREAM YOURSELF!!

2003-01-11 08:58:37 ET

Consider myself creamed. :P

2003-01-11 09:00:09 ET

As is only expected when I'm around. :-P

2003-01-11 09:02:40 ET

You should be a porn star.

2003-01-11 09:17:58 ET

Dude. I so should. Now, if only mohawk-clad, pierced, drunken, freckled, butch girls appealed to everyone. ;-)

2003-01-11 09:18:32 ET

They appeal to me. <3


2003-01-11 09:19:57 ET

I know not this Mead character.

2003-01-11 09:22:07 ET

Oh, sad. :( She's probably already gone, but its okay.

So, when will RIXXX.COM be ready for viewing? :P

2003-01-11 09:24:05 ET

haha. As soon as my ribs heal from our last 'filming'. ;-)

2003-01-11 09:26:25 ET

Haha, raw!

2003-01-11 10:11:18 ET

I won't miss him. Far too arrogant.

2003-01-11 10:12:30 ET

Awww. <3 That's okay, I'd miss you if you left.

2003-01-11 10:13:54 ET

you'd be the only one.

2003-01-11 10:16:25 ET

I doubt that.

2003-01-11 10:17:45 ET

i don't. besides, i'm fine with that. I live most of my life alone and it's good.

2003-01-11 10:19:45 ET

Only on SK do I ever feel unlonliness. :(

2003-01-11 10:21:02 ET

i'm alone, but not lonely. I can only tolerate my own company in any extended periods of time. Mostly everyone else just annoys me.

2003-01-11 10:22:20 ET

I know how that goes, sadly. That's one I have two friends and I see them at different times when I feel ungay.

2003-01-11 10:23:08 ET

y9ou are too cute to be lonely.

2003-01-11 10:24:50 ET

I wish that being cute would cure my lonliness.

2003-01-11 10:25:25 ET

i am sure you attract jerks by the dozen. (As I have noticed most cute girls do)

2003-01-11 10:29:12 ET

I actually scare off jerks by the dozen with my intensity.

2003-01-11 10:30:52 ET

you'd have trouble pulling that trick with me. Nothing mortal frightens me.

2003-01-11 10:31:59 ET

In fact, I even scared one off yesterday. :P Sad.

2003-01-11 10:41:15 ET

very sad.

2003-01-11 10:41:47 ET

Yes, it kind of was.

2003-01-12 09:02:53 ET

I'm so sorry, Joce ::huggs:: Ya always know I love you.

=) Hello again =)

2003-01-12 13:01:16 ET

I love YOU, Britt, I'm so glad that you're back. I missed you and missed you here.

2003-01-12 16:44:12 ET

Racists are like rotten pears, they're fat/knocked up, ugly, and taste like shit, don't worry about, your'e bitchin enough

Meh, the whole relationship thing sucks in itself, everyone sucks at life, those who seem like they don't are just fakin it.

2003-01-12 16:47:30 ET

Haha, Bill Gates OWNS life.

2003-01-12 16:47:34 ET

I'm only prejudice against stupid people. I think that's justified.

2003-01-12 16:48:59 ET

<3 Damn right!

2003-01-12 16:53:39 ET

Naw he don't. Yeah sure he's worth more then anyone else, but think about it, he is the ultimate nerd, thick glasses, suspenders, the whole bit, sure people look at him in awe cause of his money, but at the same time, people make fun of him left right and center, sure that dude has a lot of regrets

2003-01-12 16:59:57 ET

I agree. Billy boy bought his life. Mind you, if I had his coin, I would too. Don't hold the fact that he's a big nerd against him. If you want to hold something against Mr. Gates, try the jobless people he screwed over in the early 90's, when M$ bought up a whack of smaller companies for their technology, and left the workers to twist in the breeze.

2003-01-12 17:00:27 ET

ho-lee shit. I missed the boat on this one.

I can't stand racism. if the rest of the world were like me, it'd be so.. well, not boring. it's be pretty wicked. but it wouldn't be as uh...

I don't like racism at all. no matter how much I like me.

2003-01-12 17:10:51 ET

please no sucking at life.

2003-01-12 17:11:56 ET

yes. you are too awesome to suck at life, Joce. besides, noone that sucks at life can have 129 replioes before I even see the thread.

2003-01-13 03:54:34 ET

I'm trying not to suck at life. It just comes naturally to me. :P

Actually, Cavefish, it is possible. Go see my earlier entries, no one used to read. ;)

2003-01-13 12:25:13 ET

well, maybe you USED to. you clearly don't, now.

2003-01-13 16:04:08 ET

i'm a pretty princess.

2003-01-14 05:35:44 ET

Lars, what the the purpose of saying that?

<3 Thanks, Cave.

2003-01-15 02:31:36 ET

you tell me...i was tired..and, well, it's the truth

although you're prettier...but yeah...i'm tired again...nm me

2003-01-15 04:02:14 ET

I can do that, no problem. ;)

2003-01-15 23:59:05 ET how are things with you these days?

2003-01-16 05:44:07 ET

FANTASTIC. This band I really like...a local band...were searching for things on the web with their name on it. Guess who fucking popped up on a search engine for them? Oh yeah, that's ME. Haha. I'm going over to see them practice on Friday and they're hooking me up with stuff hardcore.

2003-01-16 11:36:28 ET


what kinda music are they? they happen to have any mp3's or anything..?

2003-01-16 11:37:42 ET

Yeah, they're psychobilly.

They have mp3s on there.

2003-01-16 12:02:04 ET


<checks out>

2003-01-16 12:03:33 ET

LEt me know if you like them.

2003-01-16 23:57:20 ET

<nods> i do (-:

2003-01-17 02:32:39 ET

they sound a little like tiger army. same style and stuff. I likes.

2003-01-17 04:09:13 ET

Yeah, Tiger Army is a HUGE influence on this band, but they also have a pretty fucking badass sound. <3 WOO!

2003-01-17 21:28:13 ET

yeah wohl, they're definitely their own band.

2003-01-18 09:54:29 ET

I went and partied with them last night. Badass shit.

2003-01-18 10:27:24 ET

noice. Joce = superawesome.

2003-01-18 10:37:59 ET

AWWW, Cavie, thanks sunshine.

2003-01-18 11:29:16 ET

bitte schoen, freunde!

I'm going to go practice now. yay new mics.

2003-01-19 18:39:18 ET

I had a dream I had all the answers
to all the questions I've ever been asked
and I had a dream I had all the answers
to all the questions I've ever asked myself
Man, what a dream, it sure felt great
Took to the streets 'cause I couldn't wait
To freely give wisdom and share what I know

I had a dream and that's all I had
A million here lay down in pain every night
A million there to stay alive and fight
I'm sure my numbers underestimate
A dollar and a dream, I swear it's not too late

I had a dollar I wanted to save
Keep in my pocket, I heald fast
A dollar bill that I would take to my grave
Deep in my pocket like it was my last

Look for the dollar, now it's not there
Even the pants are a different pair
I earned the dollar, I had to share
I had a dollar and that's all I had

A million more is just a star in the sky
Tip of the iceberg but we've all got to try
Our work's cut out and there's work to be done
A dollar and a dream is step number, step number one

2003-01-20 05:47:02 ET

I had a dream that a big dog bit off my nuts.

2003-01-20 07:35:29 ET

the DE Rude Boy, thanks, those are great lyrics.

Sheen....I'm sorry about your nuts.

2003-01-20 07:39:45 ET


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