Put Out My Flames With Gasoline
2004-07-21 20:10:25 ET

You know what I love? Girls holding their camaras in the air, tilting the lens downward and taking pictures of their scowling faces. That's so fresh and original! Grimacing is just so sexy and attractive and makes me say to myself "Hey, this girl sure is an individual, just like every other fucking indie rocker, ever! I bet she has something to say to me about rebellion as well. I wonder if she'll share her photos of her torso with me."

2004-07-21 20:15:33 ET

one emo torso comming right up:


(also, why have i just left two notes on your journal tonight, i must be getting over friendly)

2004-07-21 20:19:25 ET

Granted, but you haven't cropped out the picture above your sholders and blow your waist. Those are the ones I'm referencing.

And hey, I've updated 3 times in a little an hour. I trump your two comments.

2004-07-21 20:21:28 ET

hmm, the closest thing i have is a close up of my belt, which translates to "hey look at my crotch" anyway...

2004-07-21 20:49:17 ET

I see nothing inherantly wrong with looking at your crotch.

2004-07-21 20:51:24 ET

of course you wouldnt

2004-07-21 20:58:39 ET


like these? :P
but i can assure you i'm not a "fucking indie rocker", hehe

2004-07-21 20:59:43 ET

I'm noticing a distinct lack of referenced photo here. You can't just mention something and not produce. I'm wise to your trickery, harlot. By tomorrow morn I shall gather the rabble and we shall exact justice for thine sinful ways.

2004-07-21 21:04:10 ET

is that a threat or a promise?

2004-07-21 21:08:53 ET

Take it any way you like, there's gonna be one big pile of pissed-off puritans on your doorstep when you wake up.

2004-07-21 21:13:19 ET

i am offically a fucking indie rocker
*hangs head in shame*

2004-07-21 21:14:43 ET

oh and we can't forget this gem of a picture either:

2004-07-22 05:06:07 ET

i'm not a girl or an indie rocker but the principle applies.
BEHOLD! the plague is spreading!
and boy do i ever have something to say about rebellion.

2004-07-22 05:55:53 ET

Blu - the first picture - did you make that shirt? Its really cool!

2004-07-22 08:11:25 ET

See, Mr. Unit, its cute when you do it.

2004-07-22 12:43:23 ET

i had some help but yeah :]

2004-07-22 14:15:49 ET

Hahaha I know so many journals here that are like that.

2004-07-22 21:18:04 ET

*stomps on indie rocker girls*

2004-07-23 06:39:54 ET

hello chicago sk buddy.

2004-07-25 15:42:43 ET

welcome to sk.
there are a lot of journals here like that indeed. mine could very well and probably will fall into that ...

2004-07-26 17:57:23 ET

How's this for a scowl?

2004-07-27 09:48:56 ET

Thank you all who have proved me right, and thanks to all who have proved me wrong.

And to Trpan8YoSelf: YO

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