2003-07-23 19:18:43 ET

It is offical, I now agree with my Sister that del taco is the devil
that is all

2003-07-23 22:26:34 ET

see i told you DEL TACO IS THE DEVIL!!! hahaha

2003-07-24 01:31:40 ET

taco time ownz all

myself and cambria not long ago spent far too much time roaming the freeways of the l.a. area in a futile search for a del taco but never finding one. we ended up at jack in the box. so del taco must, indeed, suck

2003-07-24 05:48:49 ET

del taco is the devil, I agree

2003-07-24 06:29:40 ET

del taco sucks ass, they nave no bean burritos, they have macho buritos, thats like all meat and one bean, fuck that.

2003-07-24 07:37:03 ET

Hahaha.. thats great..
Everyone agrees..

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