2004-10-11 12:10:09 ET

Hey guys. My Birthday is Next friday the 22 woo hoo.. and then two days later its RikkiBirthday

Im at job corps now its not as bad as you all were saying. :) any way. I am just wanting to up date alittle before i have to get off the computer :P..

2004-10-11 16:41:42 ET

OOO I go on vacation that day, yay its a very good day!
My cousin is in the job corps... she likes it a lot

2004-10-11 17:19:54 ET

my bday was on august 22, so the 22nd of every month owns :) take care!

2004-10-11 20:29:00 ET

happy womb liberation day to ye!

2004-10-12 11:10:25 ET

EEEE.. you guys are funny...
Yes i agree the 22nd of every month owns.
Vacation is good.

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