2003-05-17 10:35:10 ET

I despise the summer.. Its hotter than friggen hell out side.. its over 100 already.. EEEEEEEe

2003-05-17 10:36:59 ET

I don't like summer either, too hot is horrible.

2003-05-17 11:03:39 ET

my lord..it's like 65 right now..


2003-05-17 11:17:12 ET

i love the summer

2003-05-17 12:45:52 ET

IT's getting pretty hot down here too, and our AC isn't working, bleh

2003-05-17 13:56:06 ET

My cars AC is not working.. I am going to cry

2003-05-17 14:08:47 ET

I miss the dry heat, I hate sweating they way I do. Stupid stuffyness.

2003-05-17 15:01:50 ET

damn, that sucks about your car...can you afford to get the AC fixed?

2003-05-18 21:08:49 ET

And it's not even summer yet!

2003-05-19 07:54:32 ET

I dislike AC in cars. It robs the engine of that precious power and takes up space under the hood where more usefull things can go. I prefer rolling the windows down and cruising at 130mph. But since we can't always do that I guess AC can be handy every so often...

2003-05-19 08:04:41 ET

AC is a godsend her in AZ. Open windows are great, but even that air is hot and sticky

2003-05-19 08:39:08 ET

I see, well I'll keep that in mind :P

2003-05-19 12:10:34 ET

Yep.. the heat starts and my AC craps out.. GODDAMMIT. i dont know if its the belt or if the coolent thingy is dammaged.. i pray its the belt.. other wise i wont have ac all summer..

2003-05-19 12:55:14 ET

oh bleh, that would really suck

2003-05-19 14:02:22 ET

belt... I prayed for you.

2003-05-19 16:00:11 ET

Yep.. suck berry berry much

THankya Jessica.. I MISS YOU

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