2005-05-17 19:10:38 ET
White Noise is on RIGHT NOW

so tune in!!
just click on radio!

AIM: xxdarksourcexx

     2005-05-17 14:10:13 ET
DeathGuild was fun last night... I mostly hung out upstairs and danced in the Industrial/Noise room. I bought a Proyecto Mirage cd, and bought Lea a Helium Volta disc, cuz she's really into them.
The people that showed up at DG last night were really weird... a lot of the regulars weren't there, and the stuff they were playing downstairs wasn't really doing it for me.
Overall, a fun night!

And now I prepare tracks for my show tonight, I got a bunch of new stuff, so I'm definitely excited.

     2005-05-14 23:55:08 ET
Playlist for this afternoon's Hijack....


     2005-05-14 13:37:56 ET

I'm playing Future Pop, EBM, and anything you wanna hear.... If you request it and I have it, i'll play it!

AIM: xxDarkSourcexx
MSN: darksource_tma@hotmail.com
ICQ: 63135608

 play list for my Hijack...    2005-05-14 01:10:11 ET
Thanks for the people who tuned in... hope to see you all on tuesday as well.


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