Manipulating time through Heisenberg's theory of relativity
2006-10-28 08:21:57 ET

Ok so you've read the Subject, good news. I ain't writing about any of that.

That's right were down here now. Luckily I have nothing to say or you would all perish in the darkest flames, back to the lands from which your kind once crawled.

2006-10-28 08:31:46 ET

Hola my good friend Dave. I always thought manipulating time would be pretty easy. All you really need is a piece of dry wood and some old milk. Eat the wood and drink the milk, resulting in hallucination. Then you can do whatever the fuck you want.

2006-10-28 11:14:56 ET

welcome to SK

2006-10-28 17:55:29 ET

Welcome to SK! we are all working on that time manipulation thing here.

2006-10-28 20:30:33 ET


2006-10-28 20:40:01 ET


2006-10-28 20:12:23 ET


2006-10-28 21:41:00 ET


2006-10-28 22:19:44 ET

welcome, although I kinda was hoping to read about manipulating time.

2006-10-29 01:19:06 ET

welcome to sk. enjoy.

2006-10-30 08:53:11 ET

welcome to subk

Mind your extremities!

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