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  Dave Kisaragi   
I'd like to grow into a plant... but i'm not sure about the fertilizer ~Shudders~ I'm totaly insane and was once ruler of the cyber realm but was deposed for spending the royal cash on wife bots.


I'm 6ft, Brown hair, Hazel eyes, Size 10 shoe,

I play video games
I like waking up to the sound of people mowing there lawn
I Luv Cookie Dough Ice-cream
I like Extreme Sports
I like the rain
I like being in a warm room
I can get tearful during sad movies
I like the smell of coconut
I like the sound of the rain on a roof
I like Comics and Manga
I like Anime
I like Obriens sandwiches
I like Frescatos and Zumos


Life is totaly awesome isn't life awesome? you think life is awesome also, that's like so totaly cool and stuff... uh... yeah...
~side step side step 1 2 3~


Least I Could Do - Rayne Summers - "By the way, in his mind he's turning into a super saiyan right now. Level 3 it looks like"

 You would do anything for Scotland except live there.    2007-04-11 06:55:44 ET
My name is David Andrews, I was born in a hospital in An Ruadh Ghleann - Rutherglen - "The red valley". I lived in the new town EastKilbride for 4 1/2 years before I moved to Arasgain - Erskine.

Some Americans call themselves "KiltedSCotsman8897" or "ScottishBoi234". The people whose ancestors lived here but were driven out during Fuadaich nan Gŗidheal or just left. I've got news for you. Thig. Scotland needs you back. Help us regain the values our Irish brothers never lost. If you can't then at least make Tourism an important chunk of Scotlands income.

Romance on Skye
Sunbathe on Loch Swene fuelled by the gulf.
Climb Bod an Deamhain, Ben Nevis or Ben more
Sing and dance at a Ceilidh
Shop and explore in Glaschu "Glasgow"
Visit historic sites like Castles, roman roads, Pictish stones and museums, Monuments, and battlefields.
Play sports like hurling, camogie, Gaelic football, handball, and rounders. Ski, Snowboard, rock climb, scramble, ice climb, Archery, Kart Racing, Off-Road Driving, Paintball, Quad Biking, Sphereing, Sky diving and thousands more.

If you won't do neither your Highland heart no longer beats. You have no right to clame heritage to a country 4000 miles away.

I had originally written a more colourful entry and went for a shower but I calmed and wrote this instead. This is something every Scot has an opinion on. What sparked this? An American in a kilt complaining on a tour that he don't wanna visit any "lil ole islands" and moaning about the lack of McDonalds in Tarbet.

Remember "A man can sleep on every hurt but his own."
Caidlidh duine air gach cneadh ach a chneadh fhein.


Bod an Deamhain - "Penis of the devil"

Known in English as Devils point
Queen Victoria asked her local ghillie, John Brown, when visiting Scotland to translate the name. Obviously rather than use such language to the queen he chose to give an altered translation.

 Tuesdays    2006-11-14 11:06:05 ET
So yeah it's Tuesday. There's a girl in my Study Class on a Tuesday who i know totally digs me {I say digs cause i'm too geeky to use more common phrases}. She tryís to make eye contact and turns around making conversation. Today she squeezed between two desks and rubbed against me. How do i know it wasn't just a mistake? The contact between her backside and my hand was too long for it to be an accident, and if it was i'm sure she would have apologised or said excuse me.
Itís not that I donít like her because I find her beautiful, interesting and funny. The reason I havenít pursued this? WellÖ it may be because:-
A. Iím an idiot.
B. Iím an idiot
C. Iím an idiot

On a related topic the girl from Paisley University who comes to give us lectures may like me too. Oh she can pretend like sheís just making Small talk and that she always Smiles, but we know the truth right?

Delusions aside Iíve been playing Dark Crusade in between filling out UCAS and study. Never on an RTS have I met a race as broken as the TAU. I remember them having an uber bonus on the Table Top. Relic have basically given us Elder without the good points. On TT Tau could shoot down a good few units before they got into close quarters from range. During a game when I was Tau and the enemy were Orks, a strong 4 units of Tau failed to take down more than 4 orks. Tell me honestly is that right? No itís not. What Relic need to do is add Nids to DoW. I know they said they wouldnít but some on. With the way Nids have been sexed up on Table Top thereís no way you could find a stronger army for DoW

 Newer issues    2006-11-05 11:25:35 ET
Yesterday i went to my Grandmothers to wallpaper her house, cause i'm that kind of guy.

When i got home i played an RTS, cause i'm that kind of guy

I then watched a DVD and fell asleep on my sofa, cause i'm that kind of guy

So someone want to tell my why i dreamt i was walking down an endless path covered in nettles and thorns trying to reach a giant Xscape with the words MB in big red letters on it.

If it's because i'm that kind of guy what does that mean. I'm not sure i want to be THAT kind of guy. How about when we dream about... well you know... that thing... the sin... what does that say about us mentally.

Not that i at all care, to be honest i'm more interested in whether the Golden Joystick Awards were rigged
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 Who has morals!?    2006-10-30 08:38:56 ET
Apparently itís socially acceptable and agreed by most religions as ok for a guy to be seen in boxers but not ok for people to see him in the process of taking of his trousers.
In contrast youíre not supposed to see a girls underwear at all.
I should probably stop paying attention in Religious and Moral Education huh?
Although I canít help but wonder if when itís wet out am i breaking someoneís rules by wearing shorts under my trousers when heading out to do sports then just taking them off and stuffing them in my bag when Iím there.

 So yeah... I have new issues now    2006-10-29 02:39:44 ET
So yeah, i have issues with the morons in braehead ~local mall~.
They just annoy me. Game has psyched up to the point where the customers all love Sony.

So you ask them why and there like
"uh... cause it's so much better than all the other consoles."
Fair enough, but why do you think that.
"... ... ... ..."
Is it because of all the exclusives?
"Oh yeah, games like splinter cell double agent"
Awesome... you DO KNOW that ain't an exclusive, right?
Okay so I made that last part up, but you get the idea right?
They live in there own lil closed off world controlled by PSW and PSM.
I have nothing against Sony, as a matter of fact they are at the top right now as far as gaming is concerned ~Although who wants a console which can control the lighting in you bathroom~. My problem is with the jerk offs who think they know games because they got a letter published in a magazine in which they wrote 'I don't think people really like sneaking games. They just play them cause they think they should like them'

Leaving game and moving on to the angry man in HMV yelling at his friend at the top of his lungs. Seriously dude have some compassion!
I know that even if you didn't agree with the last part you'll agree about this. One word. ARGOS. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. I do of course refer to the people who stand over an Argos catalogue and don't read it. The people who make point racial slur at others in a cue and the people who (being close relations to bus drivers) shove past you as if in a past life you had beaten them on the head with a shovel.

Now listen people, if you don't like what I wrote, don't like me or want a YouTube moment forget about it.

Lo, there do I see the line of my people
Back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them
In the halls of Valhalla
Where the brave may live forever.
"The 13th Warrior"

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