Who has morals!?
2006-10-30 08:38:56 ET

Apparently itís socially acceptable and agreed by most religions as ok for a guy to be seen in boxers but not ok for people to see him in the process of taking of his trousers.
In contrast youíre not supposed to see a girls underwear at all.
I should probably stop paying attention in Religious and Moral Education huh?
Although I canít help but wonder if when itís wet out am i breaking someoneís rules by wearing shorts under my trousers when heading out to do sports then just taking them off and stuffing them in my bag when Iím there.

2006-10-30 08:52:25 ET

if you actually read the bible, people didn't realise nudity until they ate the apple.

so technically, clothes are evil.

2006-10-30 10:04:36 ET


2006-10-30 10:06:15 ET

Apples are fairly evil, so are clothes.

We should all be naked.

Did i say that out loud?

2006-10-31 14:14:54 ET

and by apple it meant nookie.

2006-11-02 22:13:33 ET

I just ate an apple a few minutes ago and it made me realize I had clothes on.

Damn these pants. Damn these pants.

2006-11-06 02:15:43 ET

i never got why it's not acceptable to see girls in underwear, but it's okay to see them in a string bikini that covers even less.

2006-11-06 04:49:03 ET

uh. IDK I see lots of people that don't really have a problem with it

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