Newer issues
2006-11-05 11:25:35 ET

Yesterday i went to my Grandmothers to wallpaper her house, cause i'm that kind of guy.

When i got home i played an RTS, cause i'm that kind of guy

I then watched a DVD and fell asleep on my sofa, cause i'm that kind of guy

So someone want to tell my why i dreamt i was walking down an endless path covered in nettles and thorns trying to reach a giant Xscape with the words MB in big red letters on it.

If it's because i'm that kind of guy what does that mean. I'm not sure i want to be THAT kind of guy. How about when we dream about... well you know... that thing... the sin... what does that say about us mentally.

Not that i at all care, to be honest i'm more interested in whether the Golden Joystick Awards were rigged

2006-11-10 04:32:04 ET

You are the kind of guy who sells kittens to evil gnomes and gets them to train them as assasin cats of doom... yes.. that kind of guy.

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