So yeah... I have new issues now
2006-10-29 02:39:44 ET

So yeah, i have issues with the morons in braehead ~local mall~.
They just annoy me. Game has psyched up to the point where the customers all love Sony.

So you ask them why and there like
"uh... cause it's so much better than all the other consoles."
Fair enough, but why do you think that.
"... ... ... ..."
Is it because of all the exclusives?
"Oh yeah, games like splinter cell double agent"
Awesome... you DO KNOW that ain't an exclusive, right?
Okay so I made that last part up, but you get the idea right?
They live in there own lil closed off world controlled by PSW and PSM.
I have nothing against Sony, as a matter of fact they are at the top right now as far as gaming is concerned ~Although who wants a console which can control the lighting in you bathroom~. My problem is with the jerk offs who think they know games because they got a letter published in a magazine in which they wrote 'I don't think people really like sneaking games. They just play them cause they think they should like them'

Leaving game and moving on to the angry man in HMV yelling at his friend at the top of his lungs. Seriously dude have some compassion!
I know that even if you didn't agree with the last part you'll agree about this. One word. ARGOS. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. I do of course refer to the people who stand over an Argos catalogue and don't read it. The people who make point racial slur at others in a cue and the people who (being close relations to bus drivers) shove past you as if in a past life you had beaten them on the head with a shovel.

Now listen people, if you don't like what I wrote, don't like me or want a YouTube moment forget about it.

Lo, there do I see the line of my people
Back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them
In the halls of Valhalla
Where the brave may live forever.
"The 13th Warrior"

2006-10-29 02:45:37 ET


...My God!

2006-10-29 06:24:10 ET

ff7 ftw...

But Diddy Kong racing 4lifez :P

2006-10-29 13:27:22 ET

Although who wants a console which can control the lighting in you bathroom


2006-10-30 11:25:56 ET

thats why I like gameinformer. they're impartial enough, and cover multi console games.

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